Thursday, December 08, 2005

Knit, don’t knit, knit some more?

La la la. So it appears that some of my brain is coming back. This is good. And then I have moments where I can’t type again. And speaking… yeah, babbling idiot = me. half the time I forget what I’m talking about as I’m talking. This is fine with ron, he’s used to it but doing it in front of the people at work… not so hot (I have not spilled the good news yet). Coherent thoughts? Nope!

In all of this I am very thankful. You see, so many people say they get pregnant and bam! No knitting, no interest in it, or they aren’t able to do it. I am both still interested in it, and can even do it! I’ve finished my weeping willow, my kiri, started the shadow shawl, no problem! the caveat seems to be that I need to follow patterns. No pattern, no knitting.

You see, I’m making a neck warmer for myself. Now this could not be easier. No pattern but come on. Knit in the round, some ribbing and then just knit knit knit knit knit. I however cast on too many stitches and when I tried it on, realized that it would be quite loose and wouldn’t stay up around my cheeks/nose in times of extreme cold (so every day here in MN). This is kinda why I am making the neck warmer, my poor face goes numb quickly out in the cold. This is an after effect of my jaw surgery back in July (are you new? Read about it here! My story includes koigu even!). Many people have increased sensitivity to cold and intense pain after this surgery. Seems I have no pain, not sensitive, but when I go to touch my face when I’m out in the bitter cold for a few minutes, it feels like it’s been novicained. Therefore, neckwarmer time! So anyway, my issue is that it’s too big. I decided no problem, it will taper up, big at the bottom to fit loosely around my neck and come down under my collar to keep me warm, then I’ll decrease until the top fits my face. I was knitting away on the bus when I realized that I should probably start decreasing soon.

It took me two days to figure out how to do this. Now this is not rocket science, I finally came up with, decrease 4 stitches (2 per side) every 10 rows. Then knit 10 rows, rib for a while, bind off.

Wow. Amazing. Definetly 2 days of work. :)

Now if only I could finish casting on for my jaywalkers. I’m a little more than halfway done.

Yes, casting on. I have the mental capacity of a goldfish people, casting on proved to be harder than I thought, and then with the whole kitty eating the yarn thing (she appears to be fine by the way but no Technicolor poo yet as far as my husband can tell (I’m not allowed by the litter box. Sucks to be pregnant I tell ya!)) and I was done casting on for the night. Maybe tonight I can finish. And yes, I mean finish casting on.

Think I’ll hit the ( deadline of valentine’s day to be eligible to win some socks that rock??? I hope so, it is sooo gorgeous! Since I can’t find it anywhere around me (not that I’ve called around or anything, remember I am pregnant and lazy and that means, I didn’t see it at the two LYS that I recently went to therefore, NOONE has it. :) ) I would love to win some.

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