Tuesday, December 06, 2005

kitties + knitting = no good

Our little kitty (who is getting quite big!) has suddenly taken notice of my knitting. She noticed it before, but now… Now it is becoming increasingly impossible to knit around her. She likes to sit on our laps or by us on the couch. Now, now she starts creeping up on me, slowly coming closer and closer and then she will casually start chewing on my ball of yarn. Gah! No chewing on my yarn!

Last night she was annoying me so much as I was casting on for my jaywalkers (I gave up halfway through, you will see why). She was being an intense pest, of course as I was trying to keep track of how many stitches I had on my needles. My husband picked her up and plopped her on the floor, she popped right back and was up next to me in .05 seconds. I found a flaw in the yarn and decided to cut it out and cast on again or else it would bother me. it was about 18” of yarn. I threw it at the kitty so she would leave me alone. I joking told my husband, watch her so she doesn’t eat this!

You all know where this story is going of course. I beg to remind you that I currently have the mental capacity of a goldfish, I don’t know why I gave her the yarn…

My husband looked over not 2 minutes later and she had eaten all but 5” or so of the yarn. Ugh. We decided to do the “wait and see” approach and hope that she will be fine. She has eaten yarn before (but not that much!) and did poop it out (and then play with it… ugh) the next day. She’s a pooping machine, so I expect we’ll see something shortly. I hope.

Of course I had a hideous day at work earlier and had been crying earlier (EDIT - removed nonspecific work stuff even though it was nonspecific but i'm passing on posting anything about work...) and the kitty situation just made me cry again.

Life is so fun.

Anyone have a open job in the twin cities for a creative soul, good with computers, flexible hours, no overtime, good pay? Just kidding. Kinda.

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