Sunday, December 04, 2005

starting everthing!

thanks for the well wishes and congrats! :) things seem to be moving along as they should and we're at 9 days now without an ER visit. yea! ugh. at least i feel mostly well. i haven't been able to fall asleep this past week, i can pass out on the couch, but as soon as i'm in bed, i'm wide awake. it doens't matter if i took a nap or not, what time it is, how exhausted i am, etc. i picked up some unisom, it's pregnant lady kosher, but i would like to stay away from it until i'm out of my first trimester. (2 1/2 weeks left!)

so knitting news! :) thanks so much to cara and her sweet update! i have started my jaywalker socks, kinda. my hubby and i split my hank of cherry tree hill yarn (winterberry colorway) up into 2 balls (as i make two socks at one time and don't plan on making socks one at a time ever again). unfortunately it took unbelieveably long to do this. it seems that it should have not taken that long, but it did. but now i have 2 balls that weigh the same (yea!) and they are ready to go. i just need to print up the pattern at work and they are ready to start.

i'm working on a neck warmer (my own pattern) out of gorgeous blue rowan cashsoft. i love this yarn it is so soft and yummy. here it is earlier this fall from my stash photography project.

rowan cashsoft DK - 2 balls

i also started my christmas ornaments (we exchange hand-made ornaments each year), yea! i'm making mini mittens out of red and white cascade 220, they are so cute! so far i have 3 1/2 pairs done. i wish i could link to the pattern but the link isn't working. it's the maggie's rags mini mittens pattern. it's pretty easy.

i got yarn today to make my hubby a hat to match his scarf that i made him last year. haven't ever made a hat before, but it can't be too difficult. i'm using this pattern. this may not be started for a little bit, but we'll see.

i also got light pink cashsoft today for baby booties for some friends of ours who are having a little girl in february. fun practice for me! i have a coworker who is having a baby in march, and i plan on making baby booties for her out of what i have leftover of the cashsoft after my neck warmer is done.

whew! and if that's not all, i'm ignoring my shadow shawl now that i've started it. i'm a bunch of rows in, a little less than halfway setup with my stripes. i would be further but this is try #3, i ripped out two other times before going down a needle size. i just wanted it a little tighter.

i think that's it for now. pictures to come, i swear. and yes, my shawls are still patiently waiting to be blocked. poor things! i have a work christmas thing this sunday, i'd love to wear kiri. maybe i'll make that a goal...


Elinor said...

Congrats on the baby news! Check out Debbie Bliss' Baby Knits Book for must have baby knits. I've worn mine out!

Anonymous said...

ha ha! you thought you could trick me and not tell me what your red and white yarn was for! but i read your blog and found out!! :)