Tuesday, November 29, 2005

and the winner is... (and a little surprise)

Inky! I say winner but really she was the only one who inquired about them. But still, Inky is a fellow knitter, and that makes her a winner to me! (*groan*)

My Addis will be on their way to sunny CA soon! I'm so jealous of them! Inky used to live in San Diego, one of my favorite places. Now she lives in mid-CA, a place my hubby and I drove through on our honeymoon tour of CA. Near the lovely Hearst Castle I believe. Lucky her. I'm in butt ass cold MN and today I had to climb into my car from the passenger side to pound open the driver's side door because it was freaking frozen shut. Twice. Snow I like and winter is fun (we MAKE it fun here!). But frozen doors, chipping your car out of a block of ice and taking 10 minutes to drive 1 mile to the freaking bus stop, only to wait outside for over 25 minutes in the freaking cold wind and snow whirlling for your late bus, dude that part SUCKS.

Oh well. Guess that's what I get in exchange for no earthquakes or Santa Ana winds and fires, etc.

What else? Oh, my hubby and I went to this.

dave matthews band

cori and ron at the dave show!

3rd row baby, Dave Matthews Band, last Saturday. It. Was. Amazing. We love Dave, and the show rocked.

Some of our photos are in a set on Flickr here (my hubby took the pics, good job honey!)

Thanksgiving was good. Spent time with my family, it was very nice. Christmas is in WI with Ron's family.

I have finished the kiri AND the weeping willow shawls! Started my shadow shawl (it's so cool!) Yes, I know... Where are the pictures? How did it go? How did you bind off on kiri? Weren't you worried about the knitted on edge of the weeping willow, did it work? Did you have issues with the shadow shawl? Yes yes, all of your questions will be answered soonish. I have no pictures because I hate taking pictures in the darkness and seeing as how it's light outside from like 9-3, I'm at work and I take no pics. Soon, I promise. Plus I still need to block the kiri and weeping willow. Yup, they are sitting off to the side just waiting to be blocked into their beautiful final shape. I know you are thinking wtf? What kind of blogger and knitter are you? Leaving readers up in the air? Ignoring FINISHED lace that only needs a little wash and then blocking?

I'm this kind of knitter/blogger.


Which means alot of sleeping, falling asleep while knitting (*gasp* I know!), laying around, being lazy, surfing the internet for new and exciting things, worrying and sleeping some more. :)

We're due in late June. Thursday will be 10 weeks. We've already had two scares sending us to the ER. First was an ectopic scare (turned out to be an ovarian cyst) and the second and very scary one was last Friday night/Saturday morning at 3 am, and it involved heavy bleeding. We had an ultrasound both times and the baby is doing well, so we're trying to put our worries in someone else's hands as things seem to be progressing as they should. Which is easier said that done. :) I know it's still early to be telling people, but I've also heard that the more people you tell, the more people you can have praying for your baby. Sounds good to me.

Ron and I are very excited (and more than a little nervous about the whole situation!) and feel very blessed. First grandbaby for both families so as you can imagine, there are some excited people around.

I can't wait to start knitting baby stuff... I've been enthralled with Larissa's pinwheels since she first posted about hers so long ago. I just need to find some gorgeous koigu to start... I have been looking and I can't find what I'm looking for. I would like it to be gender neutral (I may do the edging in a gender appropriate color once we find out, and YES, we are DEFINETLY finding out), and am looking for bright happy colors. Like this.

I can't pretend that I'm going to be posting more, but I will do my best. At least now you all know why I've been MIA. :)


Pea said...

Congratulations!!! That is so exciting! 'tis the season for babies, apparently. You're the third person (second blogger) I 'know' to announce a June baby in the last 3 days!!

I had to kick my driver door open from the inside yesterday too. Ahh, Minnesota winter fun.

Inky said...

Congrats to you and your hubby!! I'll be having good thoughts out here in the Central Coast. I cannot even imagine kicking a driver door open because of weather. BTW, what is weather exactly? LOL

renee said...

Congratulations!!! I'll send some good thoughts your bambino's way!

Rebecca said...

Congratulations! I'll keep you all in my prayers for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

This is my first MN winter so I am experiencing a lot of this stuff for the first time. Lesson I learned yesterday, the buses do not always run on time so try to catch an earlier bus or risk being late to work!

Carrie said...


I am very jealous of your trip to see Dave Matthews!!

Don't you love this weather? There's more snow on the way but at least we've busted open our doors already! Winter in MN, wouldn't trade it for anything.

Cara said...

Mazel Tov! I hope it all goes very quickly and from now on - event free!

Ada said...

Congratulations!! Hope you have a healthy pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

yay!! i'm going to be tante kristi!! (or if you talk to mom-tonto). you could say i'm just a little excited too!!

i also had to kick out my door. i really don't like winter.