Friday, December 23, 2005

merry christmas and happy holidays!

What to write… I have so many things to talk about.

I suppose you all want to know about knitting, being a mostly knitting blog.

I have been making lots of little mitten ornaments. They look like this.

mini mittens christmas ornaments!

mini mitten ornaments

I still have many to go (8 pairs to go, potentially only 6…) . They take about 45 min each to make, so that’s and hour and a half for the ornament (so that is… 12 more hours of knitting). Whew…

I also need to start Ron’s hat soon so his poor head will stay warm in cold MN.

He wound his own yarn all by himself! He said he had seen me do it enough times that he thought he could. And he did a very good job.

ron setting up the swift

ron's first ball of yarn

swift in motion

yea ron!

finished product!

His yarn of choice that he picked out at needlework unlimited was Blue Sky Alpaca as you can see. It is very soft and I have never used it before. I hope it knits up nicely.

In non knitting news, there’s much to babble about.

First, MY BRACES ARE COMING OFF! THE APPOINTMENT IS MADE! January 5 th at 1:00. YEA!!!! While I comprehend it, I don’t think I really truly believe it yet. I will be able to floss! And eat carrots! (they aren’t worth it, they get stuck in my way back braces…) and do many many things. Yea!

My hubby and I exchanged our presents on Tuesday night. I got many many cool things from him. A new LV handbag, the mama mio trial pack I wanted, a mini kit of kiss my face products, a hitchhikers guide paperweight, love actually DVD, and 2 balls of discontinued bebe colored kid silk haze. He’s grounded as he went way over our budget (which happens every year, but how can I complain???). what to make out of two balls of kid silk haze? Tie one on by nona over at knitty? Maybe… hmmm…

He also gave me a prenatal package at a local yoga studio. I love doing yoga but haven't in some time, and love going to class. The package includes:
• 12 JAI Prenatal Yoga Classes
• One 6 week Whole Birthing class (class typically consists of one 30-40 minutes of sharing and discussion with a different theme each week, 30-40 minutes of yoga, and a 15-minute deep relaxation)
• One JAI Prenatal Yoga for Birthing workshop (2 hour workshop for both mom (25 weeks and up) and birth partner, will help prepare you for your big day)

Not much to say, he's a great guy who knows what I like more than I do. Thanks honey, you are the bestest evah!

That is all what I was going to write. Then last night I went upstairs to brush my teeth after eating (love the braces…14 more sleeps!) and was chatting with my hubby as I came downstairs. I stopped in the middle of my sentence. “um. What is on the tree?”

socks that rock - all over the tree!

that my friends, is socks that rock.

Lots of it!

i love it!

socks that rock!!!

I have the best hubby in the world. I can't believe I'm so lucky. I love you honey!

(there is a big story to go with the socks that rock but I’ll babble about it next time).



eyeleen said...

WOW! I'm quite jealous of your STR stash. You've got a great guy there!

Have a wonderful holiday!

noricum said...

Lucky you!

I love the mitten ornaments. :) Hmmm... I must make some for me! ;)

Carrie said...

WOW, that's so cool...STR!! What a sweet guy. Great job on the mitten ornaments.

Merry Christmas!

Inky said...

Awww!! what a sweetie -- you hooked me up to STR and I'm trying to get our newest local yarnshop to carry it. Tell your husband that if I could be guaranteed a yarn decorated tree, heck, even I would put on up next year!

kaci Kyler said...

I love the tree! I have to say your husband is darling, he ordered the yarn from us and was worried that it wouldn't get there in time to decorate the tree with it! He even sent me a note to let me know that you blogged our yarn! Yeah. I hope you enjoy the STR. If you find out what sex the baby is, let me know, I'll have to send you a skein of our cotton sock yarn so you can knit up some cute baby socks! Also: where did you get that cute mitten/ornament pattern? Super cute!