Monday, January 02, 2006

the last of the 2005 knitting

the 2005 knitting is complete!

eleven pairs of mini mittens - done! (i haven't made the pair for myself yet but i don't care).

my neckwarmer - done!

grandma's legwarmers - done!

ron's hat?


ron's new hat - back

ron's new hat!

it matches/compliments the scarf i made him last year (no pic because he can't find it at the moment... he thinks it's at work... EDIT - not at work. we called around and it turns out that it was left at his aunt's house in WI. his parents have it, but for some reason they didn't call to let us know that they had it... now we know and can stop tearing through the house/car/work desperately looking for it. his mom is sending it to us.)

and lastly... the weeping willow shawl... DONE!

here it is! FINALLY!!! (those braces come off in 3 sleeps!!!)

nice shawl!

gratutious blocking picture.

blocking pic

back view


artsy pic of the back

artsy back shot

check out how big/long it is! it's a little larger than i expected, the koigu grew while i was soaking it. (i did freak out a little when i gently spread it out on the floor...) but it's all good, i'm taller and have long arms and hate things that are too small/short.

check out that length, i love it!

and a front view. this picture makes me look like i have more of a tummy than i do. i barely notice it and people that don't know don't seem to notice, but i'm sure that will change soon. :) (i am officially in maternity shirts though, regular shirts are just too short and ride up, even one size bigger than i normally wear. and my 'normal' size, just do not fit at all. i had a 'i have nothing to wear' crisis new year's eve and ron put me in one of his soft long sleeve t-shirts. we then went to target and got me some liz lange knit long sleeve Ts. they are a little big, but they are better than too small and i'm sure they won't stay too big for long!)

front (slight baby tummy?)

so what's up next?

well working on my shadow shawl of course, and... this! socks that rock for jaywalkers! the first of the 2006 knitting. :) (not the best picture for color, but it's winter and we don't have sunlight anymore. at least it seems that way).

socks that rock!

i'm starting right now. :) and this time no giving yarn to the kitty to play with.


eyeleen said...

Stunning shawl!!

Inky said...

wowza, you are killing me with the gorgeous shawls!! i have 3 skeins of KSH waiting for kiri, yarn for charlottes web (had that for TWO years dammit i'm scared of charts) and now this gorgeous STR yarn. Where do you find these colors that aren't on their website? I'm hounding my new LYS to carry it but she hasn't heard back from her inquire.