Wednesday, January 04, 2006

look mom, i'm jaywalking!

just as i said, i've started my jaywalkers! pattern is going well, i'm making the 84 stitch version, in socks that rock pre-bigger hank. as i have big feet this means that i'm cutting the leg of the sock by a bunch as i don't want to run out of yarn. i'm going with the flow though and seeing where it takes me. :) blame it on the pregnant brain. i'm just going with it... (famous last words...)

beginnings of jaywalker socks!

what i find amusing is how much this yarn matches my couch!

this yarn matches my couch!

it does more in real life, these are obviously flash pictures at night. we haven't seen the sun here in MN in i don't know how long, but it's been a long time.

what i'm trying to figure out is, why is the ribbing of my socks all pointy?

why the pointy tops???

why is it doing this? when i look at pictures of other people's jaywalkers i don't see this happening. any advice? does it even out later?

let me take a moment as well to say a BIG thank you to the kaci at blue moon fiber arts. my hubby saw that the STR yarn is being sold in bigger hanks and is exchanging the ones he got me for the larger hanks (and paying for the difference of course) so i don't need to worry as much about running out of yarn, as much anyway (i have HUGE feet). kaci has been awesome to work with and is very nice. please please please buy some STR from them if you are thinking of doing so. they rock. (both the yarn and the company!)

and not that this is a pregnancy blog (although i do say cori's MOSTLY knitting babbling), this is both knitting and pregnancy related. can i just say that my pregnancy related forgetfulness/retardedness is getting WORSE. seriously, i am a bright person but currently i am very slow and not so smart and it's going downhill... i'm now having issues typing (i spend most of my time hitting delete/backspace) , talking (um, the place with the stuff, you know?), and pretty much doing anything and everything. forgetting what i'm doing, AS I'M DOING IT, i go upstairs and i don't know why. my deep dark secret... i can still knit, with ease even. knitting, that is one thing that i can still do (maybe i shouldn't be mentioning this... shh! i mean, i said nothing!)

my most exciting news ever (at least other than the baby thing which is obviously our most exciting news ever but this is cool too!) is that my braces come off TOMORROW AFTERNOON!!! tomorrow at 1:00 pm baby! by this time tomorrow i'll be staring the mirror, flossing my teeth (with just dental floss and no threading floss!), eating raw carrots, salads, chewing my viactive calcium chews so this baby doesn't suck my bones dry of all calcium, rubbing my lips on my bare teeth and just generally being VERY happy. :) YEA! before and after pictures to come! waaahooo!

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Cara said...

Kaci and Tina rock for sure! Glad you had such a good experience with them.

Don't worry about the pointiness of the ribbing - that comes from the pattern pulling things in - on your leg it won't look so pointy, but it will have some shape to it - it will NOT be straight across. That's part of the design. Check my blog tomorrow - I did a picot edge instead of the ribbing and it's all nice and ruffly because of the pattern. They look great by the way!