Thursday, January 05, 2006


ta da!!!

this is my new smile. it is awesome. better pics to come, my hubby/photographer is working so this is a self portrait. i'm so happy to have this process over! i can finally focus on the baby and put this jaw/braces/teeth thing behind me.


my new smile

thanks for the reassurance on the pointy ribbing cara! here is my new issue.

hm...  it won't lie flat

see how the ribbing doesn't lie flat and it makes the sock look like a clown sock? well i do. :) i think it looks silly. i have been thinking about this one all day long. then my hubby came home for 'lunch' (he's working 4-midnight this week so he came home around 8 pm.) i put on my sock and didn't even say anything. he said, 'how come the top doesn't lie flat, it's all puckery.'. thank you honey! you just answered my question and i didn't even say anything. what to do, what to do. make a thinner ribbing, just a few rows or something... nothing overwhelming as this sock is going to be a shorter sock due to my large feet/smaller STR hank. hmm...

then that damn cara comes along. shows her ripped off from anna picot edging jaywalker, both pairs look AMAZING! plus cara talks of how she thinks that this edge will be better with a shorter sock, and i totally agree! this is exactly what i was looking for!

and i maybe did this.

time to rip!

hi, i'm cori. i'm a copy cat, how are you? :) to be cast on shortly and done with a picot edge. thanks cara and anna!

i just found this back in my archives, i forgot how much i like this pattern... hmm... i have alot of 'gu in my stash... would i actually use them? do i really truly wear anything i knit? sadly, not as much as i should, but i'm wearing my weeping willow to work tomorrow! i've decided that friday (casual day at work) is going to be the day that i wear something i have knitted to work. get some use out of these gorgeous items that are usually just patiently hanging out.

also, i have those two balls of pink rowan KSH that i got at christmas just sitting around... and i realized this morning that i don't have any lace projects on the needles (all i have on needles is my jaywalkers and my shadow shawl), and i'm missing lace... what to do, what to make... hmm... all suggestions are welcome!

oh, and it seems that this may be the only sushi i get for the next 6 months or so (can you eat sushi if you breastfeed? if not i may be rethinking my position on BFing. just kidding. kinda.)


Anonymous said...

ohh, very nice. no more sleeps!! it's weird having them off huh?? :)


Jen said...

Too funny - I think that the picot edge will be perfect! Your smile looks great, btw. Congrats. :)

Sushi during breastfeeding? Oh yeah - it's been a staple of my diet since giving birth. How I ever managed 8 months without sushi is beyond me, but it was done. Just think of it as getting a double reward when giving birth - a baby AND sushi! :)

Rebecca said...

Congratulations! You have such a pretty smile. I remember when I got my braces off, I couldn't stop smiling. Have fun focusing on baby stuff!

noricum said...

You have a lovely smile! Very straight teeth. :)

renee said...

Beautiful Smile!!!