Friday, January 06, 2006

bad mommy to be

i keep forgetting to post this! what a bad mommy to be.

thank you for all the prayers/good thoughts/candles/healthy baby vibes! we had an appt the friday before christmas (12/23) and things are good. we heard the baby's heartbeat (mid-150s, old wives tale says girl! i know it's not true but we'll take it until they can show us otherwise!). all is well.

i may have been bopped the other night too. i know it's very early to feel things, being a first time mom and all, but i was lying in bed not able to fall asleep so i was on baby watch. i eventually gave up, told myself 'it's still too early! go to sleep!' and right then i was bopped. just a little 'pop', different than anything i have felt before, definetly not gas/bowel movements (believe me, i've had alot of those too...).

and today i found this. this isn't our baby, but it is the age of our baby 3 days ago. look at this little one moving around!

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