Monday, January 09, 2006

picot fever!

cara is right, i have picot fever. how could i not? it's just what i was looking for. it's a good thing too, without picot fever i may have given up. that picot edge, it's easy enough, looks pretty but takes FOREVER. wow. luckily i stayed with it and i am very happy with how it looks. (for help with the picot edge check out the tutorial at purlwise, it was very helpful to me) i'm now trying to figure out how long to make the leg before starting the heel. like i said, this is a pre-longer version of STR hank, so i only have 325 yards. i have big feets. hm... maybe 15 or 20 rows total and then start? we'll have to see.

i don't know why but i feel that these socks look like clown socks. when i look at other people's socks i think that they look awesome (hence why i'm making them) but i think mine look silly, like a court jester. i'm still knitting away though, it's just a weird thought of mine.

unlucky for me, my picot fever turned into a real fever, along with chills, coughing, headache and body aches and pains. being sick sucks. being pregnant and sick is NOT FUN. you can't take anything, other than tylenol. you feel terrible and even though the pregnancy book of all pregnancy books (what to expect when you are expecting) says that the baby is fine, you wonder if it really is. luckily my fever never went above 99.7 and just one tylenol did make me feel much better. i am home from work today, normally i'd be at work, but i'm not taking any chances. thought i'd sleep as much as possible and get this thing over with asap.

i'm feeling much better today, yea! but because i am home i can share these with you! now if you are in Minnesota or the midwest, let me explain. this is the sun. we haven't seen it since last year. it makes me want to break out into 'why does the sun shine' by they might be giants. in fact i may just play it on itunes while i type. yea!

this is the sun

the sun!

this is jaywalker #1 in the sun (and snow!)

jaywalker #1

this is jaywalker #2 in the sun (and snow!)

jaywalker #2

this are my snowflakes that ron buys me for my birthday each year, and my new tree topper (which was too heavy and expensive to put on the tree this year).


they like the sun too. they decorate our living room in rainbows all over when the sun hits them. i tried and tried to take a picture of it, but it seems that a picture doesn't do it justice. so you will just have to imagine it. :)

EDIT - i managed to get one of the rainbow bits that looks close to how it does in real life. here you go.

flake rainbows!


renee said...

So THAT'S what that big yellow ball was - I had completely forgotten!

I like your Jaywalkers - they do not look like clown socks!!

Carrie said...

I think your Jaywalkers look great! The picot edge adds a lot.

I love your snowflakes too.

"The sun will come out tomorrow!"??? ...hopefully!

Genia said...

I'm probably being a bit bold here. I have a question/request to ask of you regarding a mutual friend. Could you email me? THanks.