Tuesday, January 17, 2006

a post about posts, and babbling too

i have so many things i want to blog about in my head and i never have time to write them.

like about how i hate having a stash (*gasp!*) and am currently having issues when i get my yarn itch (the one that says, must go into LYS and touch yarn!). i go into yarn stores, and it makes me sad. i just want to knit the yarn i have at home! and my hubby keeps buying me yarn! don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining. i'm just saying he isn't helping my cause.

it seems i can't remember anything else i wanted to blog about. thank you pregnancy. oh well.

this is where i am sending my mother in law if she says anything more about not being able to knit when you have a baby. check out that pic. go kate! see, you can knit if you want to badly enough! (i'm also thinking of sending her to alison's finished projects . being a mommy hasn't stopped her either! with twin boys even! (born in 2001))

also, i've joined this. the knitting olympics! not sure what i'm going to make. i'm DYING to make my ribby cardi, have the yarn, just need incentive. however feb 10-26 corresponds with pregnancy week 20-22... so i'll be making a sweater that i won't really be able to wear. i think tonight i came to the decision to maybe make the nordic mittens from IK winter '04. i have never done colorwork/knitted with 2 colors in one row so this will be a challenge...


beth said...

Crap that sucks! I feel your pain. I had to rip out a pair of socks today because I tried them on and they were too loose. And I always thought I was a tight knitter...geesh! Keep trying, you'll get it right:)

Erica said...

Don't even worry about knitting with a baby. I did the same thing as Kate Gilbert. It also works to hand the baby to Daddy for some hands on experience! Keep on knitting!