Sunday, February 05, 2006

hello to the person making ME socks!!

hello person who is making me socks!

thank you so much for doing this! i love the socks i got from sockapaltwoza and i'm very excited to get another pair.

i can't believe how many people are in this exchange, it's crazy!

the only thing i can think of to tell you short of what i already mentioned is that i'm pregnant and due in late june. if you have started already and/or picked a pattern already then feel free to ignore this, but if not... you may want to choose a pattern that stretches easily as i don't know what shape my feet will be in by the time we send these out. :)

thanks again! i'm so excited to see my socks in may!

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beth said...

Good luck at your ultrasound tomorrow! Don't worry too much about your feet stretching. Since my daughter was born, mine are a little bigger and my shoes are tighter, but all my homemade socks still fit me fine.