Sunday, February 05, 2006

jaywalker explanation...

i think i owe you all an explanation of my jaywalker sock issue. so the problem was that i am more stupid than i thought. it turns out that i don't follow instructions well and i only did the round 2 portion of the zig zag pattern... so when it says 'begin zig zag pattern' and then has a round one AND a round 2, i only knit round 2. it only came to my attention when i hit the heel, the instructions didn't line up for me. knit round 1 all the way around and then round 2 on the next row, continue. continue? huh? wtf? oh no...

it's ok though. i wasn't crazy about how the colors were coming out. look at how beautiful these heels are!

such pretty heels!

i love these colors

i feel that the jaywalker pattern just wasn't doing it for the colors, the yarn just popped in the heels and looked so muddled in the jaywalker zig zag... therefore i ripped. well actually i didn't, they are still like this, but off the needles.

i've already cast on, with the original yarn i had planned on, the cherry tree hill yarn i bought back when i went to chicago to see the harlot. (pic from my stash documentation post a few months back)

cherry tree hill super sock - 1 hank

i did a picot edge again, just because i like the look. i have ripped this one 3 times, so i've started 4 times now. this is for this time with this yarn, technically i ripped it once before as well, and i ripped the STR jaywalkers a few times too, so 9th time or so is the charm? guess we'll see. when i restarted with this yarn, the 84 stitch size was too large on me. the 76 stitch is looseish as well but i'm going with it. i'm refusing to think that it too is too large, hello! my feet are freaking HUGE! i wear size 10 shoes, and these babies are wide too. how can the 84 stitch pattern be too large, let alone the 76 stitch? i refuse to believe it. and this is from the pattern that everyone says is 'tight' fitting!

pics to come soon, haven't had a chance to do it in 'real' light lately. i'm pretty far though, just about to start the heels.

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Carrie said...

I don't really understand how everyone says the jaywalkers are tight either. I ended up using size 2's instead of 1's and dropped the stitches down to 68. They still look way too big though.?.?

I might have to rip...again.