Sunday, February 05, 2006

knitting olympics and sockapalOOOza!

so, as mentioned some time ago, i've joined the MASSES in joining the harlot's knitting olympics. i think it is crazy that we now officially have more participants than the ACTUAL OLYMPICS! good lord knitters, we are insane! :)

i have been stressing over what to knit. something challenging... um... lately my knitting has consisted of me knitting to and from work while sitting on the bus. i haven't been knitting at home much at all... evenings, weekends, i just haven't been into it. i want to knit, but i'm too tired, too scattered, too hormonal. at this point just making a point of knitting at night would be a challenge for me.

i'm tentatively come to the decision that my olympic knitting may be my sockapalOOOza socks! this would ensure that i would actually start them at least, even with my pregnancy induced knitting lull.

speaking of sockapalOOOza, i think i may have decided what i'm using for my sock pal. i looked through my stash to see if there was any yarn that i would consider parting with. :) i think i'm going to be using regia cotton tip & top color yarn. color 4081. it is the far left ball in this picture (from my stash photography project a few months ago).

sock yarn!

here is a pic of it knitted up that i found online.

yarn for my sockapalOOOza socks?

i'm tentatively thinking of doing a picot edge with some sort of rib pattern. not too difficult for my goldfish brain, and it won't mess up the self striping. or maybe i'll do one of the chevron patterns for self striping yarn patterns from sensational knitted socks (although the afterthought heel may be a little too much for my little goldfish/rock brain right now). this is the first time i'll be making socks with self striping yarn, i'm excited!

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Carrie said...

A picot edge would look nice on your sockapalooozas. You'll be hooked on the self-striping, knitting seems to go fast since the stripes seem to fly by.

Happy Knitting!!