Sunday, February 05, 2006

i love podcasts!

do you listen to podcasts? any at all? there are many out there and they are awesome!

i started out listening to knitcast. i loved listening to marie irshad, her accent is lovely and she had guests i loved to hear from! the HARLOT, kate gilbert, and thanks to my current goldfish/rock brain i can't remember who else but cool knitting peeps. yea! it was awesome listenting to them and i was happy. people talking about knitting, how cool! i don't knit with others really so it was fun to listen to people who think like me.

i searched around for more knitting podcasts, and it took a few months but then this cast-on podcast started. hmm... brenda dayne... ok. now i will admit, when i first started listening i thought, "meh, this is ok". music to knit to? i don't need that. so i'll fast forward through the 'knitting music' and just listen to what she says. i found though as i listened to her that brenda became my buddy. she dropped the f-bomb in episode 2 in her manifesto and i thought, hello! this lady has my attention. this is someone i want representing knitting! :) then within the first few moments of episode 4 (i 'think', don't quote me i'm not checking this) she compares sock knitting to watching porn. the music started to grow on me, and i didn't automatically fast forward through it... i almost peed my pants on the bus when she opened one of the last shows i listened to by saying, 'who's your buddy? i am!'. and i think it's funny that i think of her as a 'friend'. i've gotten used to thinking of bloggers that i think of as friends, but now i have podcasting friends too and i count brenda as one of them. continue on brenda, you rock! (and congrats! if my rock brain is to be believed, i believe you were legally unionized a few days ago!)

some of my other favorite podcasts are not related to knitting at all. i have two of them actually. well, actually one. i had two, but one of them, the transmission (a podcast about one of our favorite tv shows, lost), just ended a few days ago. though i understand why jen and ryan are stopping, when i listened to the aloha episode i was almost crying on the bus. :( i'm sad to see them go. lucky for me i had the newest episode of diggnation on my ipod as well, and alex had me laughing in moments. it's kinda a tech podcast, and now also in video so you can watch if you like! yea!

so anyway, you don't need an ipod to listen to podcasts, you just need a computer with speakers. let's go people! let's support our friends!

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