Sunday, February 05, 2006

bunnies! the first two of many...

so we suddenly have alot of babies in our life. ours coming in june (10 bucks it's july, that's my guess!), we have friends who just had another little daughter, i have a coworker due at the beginning of march, and i have another friend having a baby shortly as well (but i am saying nothing about the baby as i think my friend may read my blog...). so that's alot of babies, and babies need knitted items! what can i make babies... hmm.. i know! kate gilbert's bunny!

i used berroco plush yarn, it is amazingly soft and it works perfectly for bunny. i tried this pattern in a crap acryllic from joanne fabrics and what i realized after wrestling with it a few saturday nights ago is that i've turned into a yarn snob. the yarn seemed soft when in it's ball, but it was almost impossible to knit, and felt like sandpaper when knitted up. eww. who cares that it was machine washable, it felt like shit. enter berroco plush. knitting immediately went faster, felt much better and when knit up was about as soft as anything can be. wow.

i made a 'big sister' and a 'little sister' bunny (baby bunny pattern, slightly modified/shorter ears on the little sister bunny). here they are with their new friends.

gracie and her new little sister josie and their bunnies.

gracie, josie and their bunnies!

bunnies alone

so cute!

they are done!  big sister and little sister bunnies

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