Sunday, February 05, 2006

warning - lots of posts to come

hello there friends! i haven't posted in forever. sorry. 2nd trimester means less fatigue my ass. :) i sleep and sleep sometimes, most of the time anyway. other times i just sit. and did i say before that i had the brain power of a goldfish? i 'thought' i was slow before. now i have the brain power of a rock. if i'm lucky and having a good day. ugh.

anyway, i have wanted to post alot but haven't. so here are all the posts i have been storing up in my little goldfish/rock brain. (yes, i wrote them down as i thought of them so i wouldn't forget what i wanted to write about, again!). i went back and forth as to whether i would do one BIG LONG post, or a bunch of smaller ones. i've decided to do a bunch of smaller posts. ready go!

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