Monday, February 13, 2006

knitting olympics - day 4

so... i have a damn good excuse (did you SEE the picture of my poor tummy?) but i'm not going to be done with my jaywalkers in time for the end of the jaywalker KAL/cara's drawing. :( oh well. i can't complain too much, i have 6 hanks of STR of my own, well actually 7 (from my STR jaywalkers that still need to be ripped). i will gracefully bow out and let someone else win some STR. :)

i DO actually like how my freaking jaywalkers are working out though! yea! only took how many times of casting on? too freaking many. i'm actually debating doing jaywalkers for my sockapaloooza socks... hmm... i must be insane. could be the percocet...

despite being released from the hospital yesterday, a trip was made to my favorite LYS today (it was a very short trip and i took a nap afterwards!). i have been dying to go and then we found out about having a little GIRL(!) and we were going to go over the weekend... well, that didn't happen obviously. so we went today. i got some gorgeous koigu for a pinwheel blanket for a special little one (4 hanks), 3 skeins of dalegarn baby ull (two dark pink, one light pink, not that everything needs to be pink for this baby, i just liked this yarn!) and i have no idea what i'm making with it, i thought maybe a sweater??? and a 35 gram hank of koigu that ron picked out for a cute little hat for our little one, it's light pinks/blues/purpley. i'll have pics of all of this happy yarn tomorrow!

i am working away on my jaywalker socks today, slowly but surely. talk about a challenge, despite feeling like a loser because i know i'm barely knitting at all compared to so many people i see on blogs and i'll be lucky to finish my jaywalkers and a newborn hat, i think that right now i am embodying the olympic spirit. doing what i can to the best of my ability. like that chinese figure skater. she wasn't expecting to fall on her knees and have to stop the music but they started over and kicked ass. that's what i'm trying to do.

with alot of naps and narcotics no less. :)

(did any of this make sense? i hope it did. i hope that one day i don't read this and think, hello dork! don't blog on narcotics!)

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