Wednesday, February 15, 2006

knitting olympics - day 5

noelle made this button i have on my sidebar there. yup, i'm a jaycrawler. i'm still not done. i knit and knit. but i'm still not done. of course what seems like knitknitknitknitknitting to me, is actually more like k n i t k n i t k n i t k n i t t i n g when recovering from surgery and on percocet. i'm getting there. about another inch and then i start the toe. that's close!

how can i distract you from my lack of knitting. i know! here are those pics i promised from yesterday. YARN PORN!

the baby ull for a sweater? (i just saw in my sensational knitted socks book that you can use this yarn to knit SOCKS??? hmm...)

baby sweater yarn?

my gorgeous koigu an amazing pinwheel blanket for our little baby coming in june.

koigu for a pinwheel blanket!

and the koigu my hubby picked out for for a baby hat.

koigu for a baby hat

oh, and i'm looking for an adorable little girl sweater pattern. maybe not newborn, but not much bigger than 6 months or so. and maybe newborn too. any ideas? i've been looking online and haven't found anything i particularily love yet. i have 6 weeks off, i need to make this little baby something while i have time!


Sam said...

Have you seen the matinee coat in the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino book? I made it a while back, and it is beautiful. I substituted a recycled yarn, but I have used the cashmerino as well, and it is one of my favourites.


Angela said...

You should definitely check out Debbie Bliss, she has the cutest patterns. I have her Baby Knits for Beginners book, and there are lots of cute and simple patterns. I'm making a baby dress from that book now.