Friday, February 17, 2006

knitting olympics - day 6 & 7

my hubby has a new obsession. it's watching olympic curling on tv. i find this to be immensely boring. even more boring than my life already is sitting on our couch and trying not to move. oh, note to self, explain why not moving.

ok. so all was going well and i was recovering quite nicely and i was wondering how i could be off work for 6 weeks when i almost feel fine already (which is not official yet, still waiting for the doctors to get the official info to work peeps but that's what we were told at the hospital from my OB, mandatory 6 weeks off). then all of a sudden wednesday morning i woke up and attempted to get out of bed. i had this insane burning pain on my tummy, it's not over my incision, it's about an inch from it towards my belly button. and it's not 'inside', it feels just under my skin. sometimes it feels better to put pressure on it, sometimes it can't have ANYTHING touching it, even my pants make it feel like immense pain. ok, um suck. so i lived with it wednesday, but then thursday sucked. it was even worse. ugh. (at least 'usually' goes away when i recline on the couch, i can get away from it, which is good.). i'm a tough cookie but i'm sick of this pain shit, so i called my surgeon's office. talked to a nurse and she said it sounds like nerve pain (which made sense to me, i kinda guessed that before i called). they cut and disturb nerves when they do surgery (duh) and they get pissed. she said that it's a good thing, because it means that the nerve isn't dead, it's healing. but the sucky part is that it means i'm in pain. yea... i suppose this is what i get for having almost no nerve issues when i had my jaw surgery. so even though i feel awesome sitting on the couch, as soon as i stand up (9 times out of 10) it starts up. blah. my incision is fine, just some aches. but this burning! gah. :( oh, and of course she told me that narcotics will do nothing for the pain, but advil might help. i can't take advil being pregnant, so she suggested alternating hot and cold. but again, can i do that? where it hurts is directly over the baby... so then. reclining on the couch seems to be the obvious choice. bummer. no galavanting around for me. enter IMMENSE BOREDOM. i want to go find baby patterns! i want to touch yarn! i want to not sit on the couch!

anyway. so my husband is obsessed with curling. have you SEEN curling? they are sliding stones on ice and these people yell like there is something exciting going on. i've decided i'm going to start knitting like these people curl. which means i'm going to start yelling my ass off incoherently and seemingly randomly. GGAAARRH, ARPPPP!!!! MEARRAPRH!!! YOUP!! YUPYUP YOUP!!! yet you will look over and see me knitting contently. huh? yup. that's what's it like watching curling.

but awesome news is that the baby seems to be happy and ron may have even felt her bop a few times. yea! they were really soft for him but when she bopped me hard if i said, oh! he could call where it had been. oh, and her new fake name (as my mom has taken to calling her tinkerbell and that doesn't do it for me...) is anouk! and she likes it, she bops me when i call her that. so it has stuck. thanks to kate's adorable knitty pattern and to the canadian skiier named the same for the inpiration. she is starting to bop harder and harder. she had one last night that acually made me slightly concerned it was so hard. i know mommies out there are thinking, ha, you just wait... :)

oh! you guys are here for knitting, right? sorry. look! i finished something! my first olympic knitting FO! it's a hat for anouk! no stupid crappy hospital hats for her! it's super sretchy and my own pattern. i tried to keep the rib going as far as i could through the decreases. it was alot of thought for poor bored goldfish brain me, but i did it. i don't plan on sharing it because i don't feel that it's anything spectacular and am slightly embarrassed by it... i'm sure i could have done a much better job decreasing and such... anyway, our gnome tord is my model. doesn't he look like one of alison's boys patiently waiting to get his picture taken? (her boys are SO CUTE! i love when they take pics of her) note to all, tord has a pointy head. we are not hoping for a conehead baby, the hat will stretch for a normal not cone shaped baby head.

finished hat for baby w!

finished hat for baby w!

finished hat for baby w!

finished hat for baby w!

i plan to make matching ribbed socks for her. :)


beth said...

It's so fun when the baby really starts moving. There was one time my daughter 'jumped' from one side of my abdomen to the other & DH could see it. Ugh, sorry about the pain; that's gotta be the worst when you are pregnant. I hope it passes soon:)

renee said...

The hat is super cute!

I hope the nerve pain goes away really, really soon! At least it's so frigid out you don't really want to be gallavanting around town...

noricum said...

I'm afraid I'm on your husband's side when it comes to curling.

I hope your nerve heals fast!

Carrie said...

I love the colors in the hat!

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Jodee said...

Cori I can't believe the things you've been through - poor thing!
The baby hat is adorable. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Knittymama said...

So sorry you've been through so much, glad baby is okay.

I hear you on the "sitting around on the couch" thing. I had to go through three weeks of bed rest with my pregnancy and it sucked. Hope you'll be back on your feet soon!!!