Wednesday, February 22, 2006

knitting olympics - i have no idea what day it is...

i did awesome over the weekend. two little socks done by sunday night! now we have a matched set. tada!

the whole matching set!

check out the little heels, they match!
cute little socks - back view

bottom view
cute little socks - bottom view

side view
cute little socks - side view

front view
cute little socks -  front view

specs of socks are - class sock pattern from from the book sensational knitted socks. i knit for 6 rows after the gusset before starting the toe. otherwise it's per the pattern. they measure about 3.5 inches for the foot. i figure they might be a little big at first but i'd rather have her grow into them after a few weeks than have them be too small from the start.

knit in koigu yarn - color p122 with size 3 addi turbos

monday i worked on my jaywalkers and on my hubby's socks. my olympic goal is to have my jaywalkers done, and i'm still shooting for that. i'm also hoping to have turned the heels on my hubby's socks. i'm not crazy about the garter rib pattern i'm using. i keep trying them on him because i swear they are going to be too freaking big. so far they still fit but i can't get it through my head that they are ok. guess we'll see.

yesterday i was off to the ortho for a retainer check (all good, back in 6 months!) and then to get the car oil changed. big day for me. :)

i stopped at kinkos on the way home. i was hoping they could help me and they did! 10 minutes and $6.38 later and... tada!

bound book into a spiral bound!

a usable copy of sensational knitted socks! i LOVE LOVE LOVE this book, HIGHLY recommend it, but it was driving me crazy that i couldn't keep it open while knitting. now it easily stays open. (i have blurred the goodies, i didn't want to get into trouble!) none of the printing was cut off or anything, it still has a nice space of room in the middle of the pages and everything.

bound book into a spiral bound!

and you can flip it all the way around and look at just one side if needed/wanted. YEA!

bound book into a spiral bound!

i am beyond thrilled about this. it's really sad how happy and thrilled this makes me. :) i am even more excited about using this book now, and i loved it before!

thanks kinkos!

now back to my jaywalkers, american idol and olympic coverage!

oh, and thanks for all the well wishes and kind words! i'm feeling better. visited my surgeon today for my post op check up. all looks well (check out my flickr pics if you want to see my incision now!). she thinks the pain is muscle pain and should go away in 'weeks'. i said... um... how many??? (i mean, are we talking 3 weeks or 52 weeks??? i only have 18 weeks of this pregnancy left and i really don't want to have to deal with this pain when i'm in labor as i'll have other pains to deal with!). she said i should be healed up in 6 weeks time or less after surgery. yea! guess we'll see... it is slightly better but it still sucks.


Heidi said...

Oh my, that hat and the socks are beyond adorable! Are you going to make little mittens to go with them? I did, and the pattern is on my blog somewhere...

Thanks for visiting my page. I've got you in my Bloglines now. Congratulations on the baby too! :)

aija said...

Great idea on the binding! I love this book too, I think I'll have to head over to my kinkos too :)