Sunday, February 12, 2006

knitting olympics - days 2 & 3

um, so remember day 1 when i said i ate too much and felt like crap all day long? actually that was a smoldering appendix. (coined by my ER doctor)

yup, ron and i took home sis at 11:45 and felt terrible. fell asleep on my hubby on the couch, went up to bed around 1 am. getting into bed killed me and i could not get comfortable. i managed to fall asleep and woke up at 4:12am in pain. went to the bathroom (which caused more pain) and called my OB office. the on call doc called back and said (which i was expecting), "go to the ER'. she didn't know if it was my gall bladder (thought the pain was too low) and said that where i was in pain could be my appendix, hard to tell since they move due to the pregnancy so it could be that but she wasn't sure. off to the ER at 5 am...

after much time in the ER (with an amazing doctor) and an U/S which showed a happy baby bopping around like crazy (and reconfirmed a girl!) with no sign of my appendix (which the ER doc said would most likely not be able to be seen anyway, just hoping) so we took a 'wait and see' approach. the OB on call from my practice (who we had not met before this but really liked alot) came and saw me, checked me out and said it was gut related, baby was fine. a surgeon came to see me and said it looked like appendicitis but... hard to tell. standard practice is to do a CT scan, but they don't like to do CT scans on pregnant ladies, especially when the area being scanned is NEXT TO the baby. la la la.

so i was admitted to the hospital around 10ish am to be observed. lots of confusion as to where i was supposed to be, when the transport lady took me to the first area the rude unhappy lady at that area asked why i was there and what they were supposed to do for me. um? are you serious? dude i'm in pain and pregnant and a surgeon wants to cut me up??? they put me in a bed and i listened to her bitch to people about the lady in bed 1 and how she didn't know 'what to do with me'. she called my on call doc and apparently she was 'snippy' with her (as i heard her telling people after the phone call, i wanted to yell, HELLO! I CAN FREAKING HEAR YOU BITCHING ABOUT ME!). they had sent ron away to admit me and i was in this freezing little room.

things finally got straightened out after 15-20 minutes and someone from maternity came over to get me. they put me in the birthing area and into a room. it was warm and nice and everyone was beyond wonderful. my on call doc came to visit and ask more questions. she apologized for the mixup. she asked her questions and said that if she had $100, she would put her money on appendicitis. so i started asking questions about the baby and surgery and risks and all that fun stuff. she said that actually it was the best possible time for this to happen. 16 - 20 weeks is when they would be ok with surgery. before that and they worry about the development of the baby, after and the uterus is getting way too big and the appendix gets buried and risks go way up. she said right now was perfect. yes there are risks but having the appendix burst would be much much more risky.

ok then. wait some more. 2:00 ish and i was not doing well. i couldn't move my right leg without causing extreme pain, couldn't get comfortable at all every position hurt, despite the fact that i felt slightly better after the U/S it was becoming clear that i was not getting better and was getting worse. the surgeon came in to 'chat', checked me out and said let's do this. i said, 'ok'. she left to see when we could do it, i called my mom to let her know and as soon as we were off the phone the surgeon came back in and said, we can do it now. ok, so call mom back. :)

i taken to surgery, prepped and was out of surgery in 45 minutes. first question once i woke up of course was, how is the baby??? she was fine. back up to maternity. they hooked up a monitor and we got to listen to the baby for a good half hour or so. heartbeat was perfect and she was kicking and moving up a storm.

*sigh of relief*

recovered overnight, the baby loves morphine and was dancing all night. watched the olympics and knit knit knit (there is that knitting olympics going on right now you know!!!). stayed overnight, slept a little, rested and slept some more. they let me out around noonish and we slept most of the rest of the day. in fact we slept through when the target pharmacy was open (had dropped off my Rx on the way home) and my pain meds were locked in... back to the hospital for a new Rx and then off to a 24 hour pharmacy to get some drugs!

pain is ok, getting better as time goes on. percoset is my friend, though it makes me dizzy for some time after i take it.

best news? (other than that the baby is doing well of course!) i'm off work for 6 weeks to recover. WHOOHOO! i'll only have 14 weeks to go once i get back. :)

pics from the experience.

curled up with my clapotis, who doesn't feel better surrounded by luscious wool/silk handknit?

me and my clapotis

my poor tummy

my belly after

knitting and watching the olympics


knit knit knit

knitting in the hospital


Carrie said...

What an adventure you've had. Glad to hear you and the baby are doing well!

Rebecca said...

Oh how scary! I'm glad everyone is ok! And six weeks off work, yay!

Anonymous said...

wow, you really look pregnant in that picture of your tummy! of course, you are, but you can definitely tell (it's a good thing!) :)


beth said...

Oh my!!! I'm glad to hear everything worked out okay for you (and the bambina). Take care of yourself:)