Friday, February 10, 2006

pre-olympic thoughts...

I am one of FOUR THOUSAND. Almost four thousand OFFICIAL knitters, and apparently some didn’t realize you had to sign up on steph’s site, which means there are MORE.


I have been racing to finish my jaywalkers for the KAL deadline and to get done before the Olympics and my hands/wrists/arms have been starting to protest. This has happened to me before with socks, it is my body saying WORK ON SOMETHING ELSE FOR A WHILE. So starting ANOTHER pair of socks and working on ONLY them actively for the next 16 days = not a great idea (especially since pregnant ladies are susceptible to carpal tunnel). This was making me sad and worried. But then I read steph’s post today.

(from steph/yarn harlot)
Today at 2pm, (your local time, wherever you may be) or while you watch the Olympic flame being lit in Torino these thousands of sporting knitters will all lift their needles and begin a personal epic, an odyssey of excellence, and a phenomenal period of sixteen whole days in which they will strive to improve themselves as knitters, however they personally define it. These knitters, having created their own challenges, pay tribute to the real athletes who (inexplicably) find their greatness in ways other than those of wool. (end steph)

Which to me, means I can stop freaking out about my sockapaloooza socks and make whatever I want for the knitting Olympics. And right now, to me challenging means knitting when not on the bus to or from work. That has been my main time for knitting for the past month. I just have no energy at night, my energy goes into being at work for 8 hours and growing a baby. At night I sit on the couch and pretend to watch tv and reading blogs. Truthfully, though we watched last night, I can’t remember for the life of me who was voted off survivor. Scary. Therefore I have decided this.

I, cori w, personally define improving myself as a knitter to be:

-finishing up my jaywalkers before the 14th so I am in the KAL contest (and they have been a bunch of little bitches so really, that’s a huge accomplishment all together, I cast on HOW many times for these? At least 8? Yeah… and those are the times I REMEMBER.)

-starting ‘something’ for the little one coming in late june, whether it’s a pink bunny, socks, a hat or a blanket or all of the above.

-at least STARTING on my sockapaloooza socks and seeing if I like the yarn/if it looks ok/if it works with the pattern.

-working on my wonderful hubby’s socks that he very much deserves.

-falling in love with something from my stash and committing to make something out of it by finding a pattern, casting on or something.

-and doing something with that shadow shawl… ripping and starting over in a needle size smaller? (it’s a little loose for how I would like it, especially now that I know how blocking works…) Ripping and making the yarn into a baby blanket? I am not sure, but I will do SOMETHING with it!

This is my Olympic pledge.

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renee said...

Good for you! The Knitting Olympics is supposed to be fun and getting all stressed out or even worse all cramped up isn't much fun!

And BTW, the blond singer from the older ladies' tribe got voted off.