Monday, March 06, 2006

Kirby Puckett

i was shocked yesterday to hear that our beloved kirby had suffered a stroke. a few hours ago i saw online that they were taking him off life support tonight. and now, he has passed.

batgirl has said everything i have in my heart, and wrote it better than i ever could. please take the time to read this. i could not agree more with every word.

Good-bye, Kirby Puckett

i know it's part hormones, part losing something from childhood, and part just being a MN girl, but i keep tearing up. the most exciting part of a twins game from when i was little was hearing, KIIIIRRRRRBBBBBBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY PUCKETT!!!!!! we of course lost bob casey, that annoucer, not long ago.

as said on batgirl's blog...

Not Kirby's though, for, as someone said in the comments yesterday, right now Bob Casey is announcing his arrival in heaven. And everyone stands and cheers as he says, "And now, number thirty-four….KIRRBEEEEEEE PUCKETT!" And up there man and myth are one and it is beautiful.


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