Tuesday, February 28, 2006

post olympic blahs - stupid shadow shawl

i love this shawl, i really really do. i've started it in a size 5, one down. it's much tighter than the 6 (i didn't rip it what i had from before, just used another ball of my yarns so i can compare). as in, dude is this only one needle size down??? was a knitting amazingly loose before? blah. now i'm contemplating ripping what i've done in the size 5 needles because i think it's just too tight... and restarting with the 6s in my new apparently tighter knitting. thank goodness for denise needles. i can leave what i've done already on a cord and start over with the same needles to figure out which one i really like! yea!

i'm starting to get annoyed with it though. i hate when my knitting pisses me off, especially when it's something i really like. gah. i want this stupid shadow shawl done. gorgeous colors, love the idea, great yarns (well, the rowan 4-ply is less than stellar, but it's not total crap)

i'm just in my post olympic haze, i have no idea what to work on. blah.

i tried working on the wonderful hubby's socks, but then instead i used my pregtard brain and did some math and it turns out that i'm not going to have near enough yarn at this rate. i think i'm doing toes and heels in a compimentary solid color to make it work and have enough yarn. so those are off to the side right now until i find yarn for the heels and toes and who knows when that will be... (as if i can't find time to go out and find some yarn, i have how many days until i'm back at work? i go back march 27th. um... i think i can find time...)

my sockapaloooza socks are coming along, but i just wanted to work on something else for a little bit, you know?

i have yarn for a miss dashwood, and for a beautiful pinwheel blanket, and for some kick ass socks from sensational knitted socks that are stranded knitting, both something i have never done and/or something that should be finished while it's still cold out so i can acutally WEAR them as i can't imagine wearing stranded wool socks in the summer...

but i don't want to start something else, i wanted to actually get one of the WIPs i have a little closer to a FO, not just add another WIP or two.



Kelly said...

I hate when my knitting pised me off as well. Congrats on your olympic medal.

Knittymama said...

I know the feeling. I've been trying to get some UFO's done before our baby comes, and unfortunatley it hasn't worked out. I keep starting new things, and since my Olympic knitting isn't done, I'm kind of stuck with it. I say go yarn shopping!