Sunday, February 26, 2006

knitting olympics - how i stacked up...

if you remember from back before the olympics started, my olympic pledge was...

-finishing up my jaywalkers before the 14th so I am in the KAL contest (and they have been a bunch of little bitches so really, that’s a huge accomplishment all together, I cast on HOW many times for these? At least 8? Yeah… and those are the times I REMEMBER.)

-starting ‘something’ for the little one coming in late june, whether it’s a pink bunny, socks, a hat or a blanket or all of the above.

-at least STARTING on my sockapaloooza socks and seeing if I like the yarn/if it looks ok/if it works with the pattern.

-working on my wonderful hubby’s socks that he very much deserves.

-falling in love with something from my stash and committing to make something out of it by finding a pattern, casting on or something.

-and doing something with that shadow shawl… ripping and starting over in a needle size smaller? (it’s a little loose for how I would like it, especially now that I know how blocking works…) Ripping and making the yarn into a baby blanket? I am not sure, but I will do SOMETHING with it!

how i did...

-finish jaywalkers - i did not finish my jaywalkers on time for the KAL contest, but i did finish them before the olympics were over. YEA!!! check!

-start baby knitting - i not only started something for our little anouk, but i also finished it! a hat AND socks! YEA! check!

-start sockapaloooza socks - check! not only did i start, but i'm into the leg already! see!

sockapaloooza socks!

sockapaloooza socks - detail

here is a pic of it knitted up that i found online, to compare the difference between the lace pattern and the stockinette.

yarn for my sockapalOOOza socks?

details are as follows:

regia cotton tip & top color - color 4081

pattern is the ridged feather pattern from sensational knitted socks it's one of the chevron patterns for self striping yarn. the self striping part is super cool! i've never done self striping before.

-work on hubby’s socks - check! no progress shots but i did work on them. still not crazy about how loose it seems to me but i keep trying them on him and it seems that they are fitting fine, so... onward i go.

-falling in love with something from my stash and commit to make something out of it by finding a pattern, casting on or something. check! i have been wanting to make something out of my cherry tree hill froth yarn for some time. i woke up the other morning with a pattern in my mind and this is where i got after trying a few things out and ripping a few times. tada!

shawl to be - my own design

still more ripping and restarting and figuring things out, this designing thing is fun but yarn/time intensive. more to come.

-lastly, my shadow shawl. i have decided to do a swatch (i.e. start the shawl again) in a size 5 needle (one size down), and evaluate from there. so i did decide to do something with it. i'm continuing on with the shawl, not frogging the whole thing and using the yarn for something else. therefore, CHECK!

final analysis - holy cow. i did everything i said i would, didn't i? jaywalkers, baby stuff, hubby socks, stash project (and even threw in my first design of my own!), and coming to a decision about my shadow shawl... I DID IT! even with my 'unforeseen injury'/emergency appendectomy and resulting 5 days of narcotics (not stellar knitting time). YEA!!!

i've really amazed myself. i can't believe it. gold medal for me!?!

thanks of course to the amazing harlot, who thought up this entire crazy thing. :)


Inky said...

damn it!! all i have is a complicated cyst and you have surgury and still finish. LOL -- congrats on an excellent job. You are the epitome of an Olympic Champion!!

Knittymama said...

Oh, you have put me to shame!!!! Congratulations, everything looks awesome!!!!

noricum said...

Those sockapaloooza socks look great! Congrats on the gold medal. :)

Dana said...

those socks are going to be amazing! I really like how the colours are turning out compared to the photo.