Monday, April 17, 2006

my blankie from my great grandma...

i did not learn to knit from a favorite great aunt or grandma. my mom claims that she taught me how to knit, however i distinctly remember reading a book to learn... (i would like to mention that my mom has knitted 1 1/2 scarves over the course of her life... a voracious knitter she is not... :) )

anyway, no one in my life was a big knitter, although my great grandma (my mom's grandma) was a crocheter until she couldn't see well enough to do it. i don't really remember sitting around watching her crochet, although she made have shown me a thing or two... i don't remember her making us tons of things either. however she did make both my brother and i blankets. big twin bed sized blankets. it was the seventies, so while mine was pink, it had accents of tan and browns. :) my brothers was nasty green and the same tans and browns. :) go 70s!

i had been thinking about this blanket a week or two ago. i haven't seen it in years, i kinda thought it was long long gone. the other day though i was upstairs at my mom's house and popped my head into the attic. first thing i saw was my blanket!

crappy acryllic with lots of pills. :) but i still love it. my great grandma passed away 5 years ago and we miss her alot. however i feel so lucky that i still have this heirloom with me.

i washed it and it looks great! i'm so excited.

my pink blanket

crocheted blanket

my blanket


noricum said...

Even with the seventies colours, it's surprisingly tasteful. Lucky you!

Carrie said...

What a treasure!!