Monday, April 17, 2006

knitting for anouk!

now that i'm done with my sockapaloooza sock and ron's socks all i have left is my shadow shawl. and that's easily put on hold, as we know. :) (i am getting far though, almost half done!)

but right now, i want to knit for anouk! so, i'm hopefully starting the pinwheel blankie soon!

found this (from the harlot no less!) to make out of the lana grossa point that i have from my ripped out chickami #2

and this to make out of this... (yarn from my ripped out chickami #1!)

so cute!!! now what sizes to make. as much as i want to make the 0-3 month, i know she'll be out of it so fast! hmm...

plus i have reid from the new knitty on my mind, but that starts at a 2 year size! i have a little bit of time before we need that one. :)

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