Sunday, April 09, 2006

spring knitty is up!!!

since i rarely talk of knitting anymore (or at least feel that i do), here is what i think of the new knitty!!! (i didn't comment on everything, if it didn't move me, i didn't bother commenting. i would rather just say nice things instead of anything not nice about people's designs).

mesilla - ohhh, mission falls 1824 cotton baby! (while i have yet to knit with this yarn, i have a HUGE pile of it for my future ribby cardi and i love it before even knitting with it...). cute pattern. i'm not into the embellishments but i do plan on making this one day without the 'extras' as the pattern looks easy and classic. yea!

anatolia - i think this one is really pretty. would i knit it up... maybe? it would probably take me a few billion years, but it is very pretty!

exchequered - love this, plus it's something i've never done, double knitting. super cool!

tendrils - like the beads and the lacework openness of this one. very pretty. could be gorgeous for a wedding in a white with white beads and fringe! or could dress up or down with jeans, etc.

convertible - hmm... this is interesting. i like this, like the lace pattern, the versiltity of it... hmm...

reid - *gasp* best knitty pattern in this issue. heck, maybe ever. this is definetely being made for anouk! SO FREAKING ADORABLE!!!

pedicure socks - cute idea. maybe if i make these i can go get pedicures! :)

hedera - i love socks, especially lace socks. on the list of things to make!

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