Monday, April 03, 2006

is this you???

so someone is finding my blog almost every day, sometimes every other day, by googling my first and last name. now at first i thought it was a fluke, but they have returned to my blog 33 times. no one looking for someone else with my name would accidentally click on my blog's link 33 times... i am intrigued. who are you?

this is what i know about you.

IP Address -
Country - United States
Region - South Carolina
City - Aiken
ISP - Inc
Returning Visits - 33
Browser - Firefox 1.0.7
Operating System - Windows XP
Resolution - 1024x768

now i have an aunt who lives in south carolina, and she's the only person i know in south carolina. i would think she would have told me if she was reading my blog almost every day, but maybe not. (aunty jane is it you???)

if not, who is it? who are you??? please comment or e-mail me! i am so intrigued!


Mary, Mary... said...

Be careful--have you thought that this was a former boyfriend or co-worker?

S. said...

Why in the world doesn't this person just bookmark you? So much more efficient than Googling the same thing over and over.... I hope you were able to get to the bottom of the mystery.