Wednesday, May 31, 2006

pity post

something for you guys to read while i'm laying around. i can't remember who i stole it from. i'm sorry.

Seven Things to do before I Die:
1. have a baby
2. buy a house
3. have a job i am excited to go to in the morning
4. have two paid off cars (that both run)
5. see a shuttle launch
6. go to europe
7. see a taping of top gear

Seven Things I Cannot Do:
1. go to bed early
2. take a fast shower
3. get anywhere on time (and just wait until i have this baby!)
4. deal with stupid people...
5. pilot the space shuttle
6. scuba dive
7. think of one more thing i can't do! (this isn't that hard... umm...)

Seven Things That Attracted Me to My Husband:
1. he's funny and he makes me laugh
2. he's smart
3. he is great with kids, always has been since i met him
4. he took care of me from the moment i met him
5. he kisses my forehead
6. he's nice to people
7. he's cute and a good kisser!

Seven Books That I Love:
1. memoirs of a geisha
2. a tree grows in brooklyn
3. davinci code
4. yarn harlot's books :)
5. knitting for dummies
6. a girlfriend's guide to pregnancy
7. right now - your pregnancy week by week/what to expect when you are expecting

Seven Things That I Say on Any Given Day:
1. like
2. knit
3. dude
4. ok
5. can you rub my feet?
6. boog
7. anouk anouk anouk!

Seven Movies I've Loved:
1. sex in the city sets
2. apollo 13
3. titanic
4. ever after
5. office space
6. the princess bride
7. love actually

Seven People I'm Tagging for this Meme: pick yourself! have fun! think of better answers than my dorky ones. but hey, i'm suffering from pregtard brain!

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Jessica said...

Okay, okay. I'm lame for commenting weeks after you made this post, but the seven things that attracted you to your husband are really cute. I like #4. It's one of the things that attracted me to my husband.