Tuesday, May 30, 2006


hello blog friends. wow, most boring blog ever. i'm sorry. and now, prepare for a pregnancy blog for a little bit here. if you are looking for the knitting only, sorry for the boringness. scroll down to the pretty pictures at the bottom.

as you all know, i have had swollen feet/ankles/legs for some time, since 27 weeks. it keeps getting worse and worse and worse. my OB office didn't really care, my BP was great, no protein in my urine, etc. they said i was just 'one of the lucky swollen ones'. thanks. call if anything from list of pre-eclampsia symptoms comes up.

well, i went in to my OB office last wednesday. i had woken up in the middle of the night, as i have been lately (i don't know why i am waking up, i don't NEED to go to the bathroom, though i do take advantage of the fact that i'm up to go anyway...). i went into the bathroom and thought, my hands feel swollen... now i haven't had my rings on since week 27 as my hands were swollen, but they weren't michelin man swollen, just slightly swollen. but they actually FELT swollen. hm. i turned on the light to take my cough medicine (oh, i've been fighting a cold for the past week and a half too, it's awesome...) and looked into the mirror. hmm.. my face looks swollen too. note to self, swollen hands and face = on the not good list. so i went back to bed, woke up, went to work and called my OB office when they opened. they said, 'hmm... how far away are you? we know it's a pain but can you come in to get checked?' (well duh, why do you think i'm calling?!? like i'd be pissed that you want me to come in, that's why i'm CALLING!). so. went in and the nurse took my BP. halfway through she repumped up the cuff and did it again. she then said, 'why don't you lie down on your left side.'. as this is different than the normal '128/68, great!' that i normally get i said, 'is it a little high?' she said, '140/100'. oh. after laying on my side for a while she tried again, eventually it went down to 128/86. better but not great. they brought in a jug, 24 hour urine test for me. fun... they did bloodwork and a NST (non stress test). anouk was doing fine, good HB and good moving. as i was doing the NST my nurse came in and said, 'good news! it's going to be alot easier to do your 24 hour urine, you are going home today after this. no back to work for you!' so... went back to the OB on friday. BP was great. bloodwork was great. 24 hour urine showed protein. that's not good. so still on modified bedrest.

i started another 24 hour urine today, and go in tomorrow for a repeat of the bloodwork. appt again on friday.

so... anouk could be here a little earlier. if the bedrest doesn't help things out she'll need to come out. we'll find out more friday. we'll hit 37 weeks (full term) next thursday, so if she can wait until then, that's best. from what my OB office said though, she might be coming early, she might not. so... sometime in the next 30 days or so. i'd love for her to be out earlier, i'm getting concerned about her in there. i feel like a bad mommy to be, my body might not be the best place for her. but, at least we're on the ball and watching things so if that's the case she'll be out asap.

you would think that being on bedrest means lots of knitting. but i am supposed to spend the majority of my time laying on either side (preferably the left). it's hard to do much of anything laying on your side. typing is close to impossible. even reading blogs can be difficult. knitting... sometimes it happens, sometimes not. i have been getting alot done though!

see! here are darn near finished pomatomus socks! pretty much finished them up on sunday. they just need to be grafted and they are done. don't plan on seeing me model them, while i did try one on to check the fit, i refuse to subject my knitting to any more of that abuse. my feet/ankles/legs are still super swollen and it's just not pretty to see handknits stretched out to that extent. (note to all though, if you are looking for stretchy socks, go for these! they are awesome!). FO pics on me once this swelling goes down (i.e. once anouk is here and i finally get rid of some of this fluid).

pomatomus socks - almost done!

sock one (they both did that grey pooling on the toe...)
pomatomus socks - almost done!

sock two
pomatomus socks - almost done!

and since i'm done with those for the most part, i'm back to that darn shadow shawl. while watching lots and lots of battlestar gallacticas with my hubby, i got pretty far on this stupid, i mean beautiful shawl. i do like this shawl alot, it just won't die... i work and work and work and while it does seem like i'm doing something, it's not as fast as i would like...
it is pretty though and one day will be finished! hopefully before anouk gets here!

shadow shadow progress

shadow shadow - progress pic

shadow shawl - detail

i haven't started anouk's pinwheel blanket yet. i need the needles that the stupid shadow shawl is on, and i'm not sure anymore about this pinwheel blanket. while i have been dying to make one for my baby since before i was ever pregnant, we have received SO MANY blankets from our showers that it's ridiculous. she really doesn't need another blanket. :( but i want to knit her one! so... i'm wavering on that. hopefully i don't have magic needles like the harlot or else i better start that thing soon and get it done! or else she'll never come out!


Inky said...

Hi Cori!! Thanks for the update. I'll be thinking of you as you peepee in the jug :) I'm glad things are going ok but let us know what happens Friday! I can't wait to meet the bebe!

April said...

Don't worry about your blanket not being needed after getting all the blankets. When my son was born we got a ton of blankets, knit, sewn, and bought. He is three now and the one he likes best is momma-made which is crocheted way too tightly out of not so nice acrylic (I didn't know much about yarn and gauge then). But, don't worry about getting it done either if you need to rest. My son was two before the blanket made much of a difference.

Kelly said...

Sounds like a lot to deal with. Hang in there, you are almost to the end. Your socks look beautiful.

Rebecca said...

I'm so glad you caught this before it became very dangerous. Hopefully anouk can hang out for a while longer, but I know your doctors will know what is best. I agree with domesticmnmom, anouk will always treasure the blanket you make for her.

Jessica said...

I know exactly what you mean! Bed rest sounds appealing, but it's impossible to do much of anything while lying on your left side. My own preeclampsia scare has never truly materialized, and I've been on partial bed rest for several weeks now to make sure that it never does. (BTW, could you believe the size of that jug for the 24 urine test?? Good lord, does anyone actually pee that much in 24 hours?)