Saturday, May 20, 2006

knitting and baseball!

the saints game was a blast! fun fun!

knitters in the crowd before the game...
pre-game knitters!

sponsored by borealis yarn, thanks borealis!!!
thanks borealis yarns!

mudonna (saints mascot - i think she's a pig...) was knitting!
mudonna (saints mascot)  knits!

no, seriously she/he was knitting that! by the end of the game the announcer guy was wearing it as a scarf!

wally the beerman!
wally the beer man!

working hard on my gussets...
working hard on my gussets

yes, knitters in the background too. we were EVERYWHERE! at least alot in section A (we got the last two seats in the section!)

my potatomus socks!
my potatomus socks!

i turned the heels and started the gussets while at the game! (can you think of a worse place to be in the construction of a sock to do at a baseball game??? go pregtard me... worked out fine though!)

check out my cute pig stitch marker! ron caught it for me!

needlework unlimited had orange shirts that said "Needlework Unlimited Designated Knitter" on them. i don't have any pics of them... any time a DH came up in the lineup though the announcer guy called them a designated knitter. he he.
t-shirts some were wearing

me and the st. paul saints pig out front!
me and the st. paul saints pig out front!

free yarn!
free yarn!

being given to the first 500 peeps! yea for us!

plymouth encore yarn in 'saints blue' (color 4045). i haven't used it before, seems really nice for being 75% acrylic and 25% wool. what can i make with 2 skeins/400 yards of plymouth encore (worsted weight)???

so much fun. thank you honey for going with me!

by the 8th inning my legs/ankles/feet were a wee bit swollen... and i was beat. this may be one of the last super fun things that we are going to be doing before anouk comes. at least on a work night. i hate that i wake up, go to work, come home and i'm done. period. no running to target. no running to check out strollers. no grocery shopping. i'm on the couch recovering from my day of sitting at my desk...

it was worth it though!

one of the best parts of the game was when Jeremy Frost of the saints hit a solo homer, and the ball went right into the hottub of peeps in left field! it was hilarious! (yes, hot tub in the outfield. this is the minor league, they have lots of fun stuff!)


renee said...

Great pics from the game! I came on the NU bus, so we were too late for the free yarn, but it was a really fun night. Encore is really great for kids' stuff because it washes so well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the game with us! It sounds like a great time! I hope the Saints do it again AND that I hear about it in time to go. Betty in Maplewood, Minnesota

Carrie said...

Hey! That's me and my friends knitting!!!!

I saw you in the stands did awesome on the heel, I NEVER would have attempted that at a ball game. I knit a dishcloth.

I agree with you, the game was a blast. I hope they do it again next year.

splatgirl said...

Hey, that's me! What a fun evening of knitting and baseball and how cool to see all us knitters in the stands!

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

Cool pictures! Looks like everyone had fun. I hope they do this again. : )

Beth said...

Man that is too cool! I wish they'd do that for an Indian's game here in Indy.

aija said...

I *love* that pic of the knitting pig!!!

Kelly said...

Looks like so much fun, I wish I could have been there.

Knitting Faerie said...

My mom LOVES plymouth encore yarn, but I haven't worked with it either, so I couldn't tell you from personal experiance, but still, my mom seems to love it a LOT.