Tuesday, May 16, 2006

knitting in public

another post already? how lucky are you guys?

my hubby and i are going to the saints game on friday!!!! we LOVE the saint paul saints!!! fun games, fun times, outside baseball, silly games and now, KNITTING NIGHT?!? we got the LAST TWO tickets in section A (the 'knitting' section).

i can't wait! we will definetly have many pictures of the night. i'm so excited. this will most likely be our only saints game of the summer with me becoming more and more uncomfortable (this friday may be a stretch as it is, hard metal bleacher and unhappy pregnant body?) as well as once anouk comes... probably won't be going out to saints games right away.

yea for knitters!

(did you know that needlework unlimited (my fave LYS) is bringing a BUS??? and it's full? good times. :) )

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Kelly said...

Wow that sounds fun. I love the Saints as well and it looks like good weather.