Sunday, May 14, 2006

wireless blogging...


hi there. remember me? well, kate gilbert said something similar on her blog earlier this week... it appears that the wireless connection between my brain and blogger is not working and that's why you guys haven't heard from me. :)

i am knitting, i have been thinking about things i'd love to post, but it just doesn't happen. here's how things work. during the day while at work i think of something i'd love to post about, but i'm at work and rarely have time to write posts. i come home, we eat, and then i sit on the couch with my legs up. (have you SEEN my freaking huge feet/ankles? i'll refrain from posting the pics here but i'll wait, go check them out...). while sitting on the couch with my feet up (and ron my wonderful hubby is almost always rubbing them, he's amazing!) i read my bloglines, and surf the net and/or just stare at the tv. i have no freaking energy. sometimes i pass out on the couch. sometimes hours pass and it's later and i've done nothing but sit and stare at my computer or the tv. i work all day long and am fine at work, but when i get home i'm done.

and that's why i'm not blogging, barely commenting and mostly not answering e-mails (though i am reading them!). i'm sorry.

i am a good mommy to be though. i made anouk an adorable little pink sweater using the harlot's daisy pattern from knitty. you only get a peek, because i'm planning on doing a little embroidery of flowers or something on it to make it FREAKING adorable, so it's not officially done yet and therefore no 'official' FO pic.. :) i knit it in my ripped out chickami yarn (rowan handknit cotton, color 303, sugar) with a size 6 denise needle. i made the 0-3 month size, because i want her to be in something handknit when she's super tiny and adorable. i know she won't fit in it for very long, but i don't really care. :) i'm just happy that i did something with this yarn. yeah... speaking of this yarn, i don't plan on using it for anything in the future. it's your typical 100% cotton yarn, no stretch, hard on the hands, etc. but it does make an adorable sweater. :)

i'm a good knitter too. everything has been done other than my shadow shawl. i am still chugging away on it, sometimes more, sometimes less. it's hard because now it's too big to knit on the bus, so i can only knit on it at night or weekends... (and my nights and weekends as previously mentioned are spent staring at nothing or out and about running around trying to find shoes that actually fit me or find a nursing bra that both fits AND that i am willing to wear. dude, these things are utter crap and fit correspondingly! i've given up and will order online... i think from here...) anyway, so that's why i broke out the daisy sweater (which took me from sunday until saturday (it's been done for over a week...)). once that was done i still had the original issue. nothing to knit on the bus. so i cast on last week for THESE! those damn socks that no one can pronounce from knitty (pomatomus socks!) in socks that rock yarn - prove it all night colorway. i LOVE this pattern, it's not half as hard for me as i was expecting. i know that some people have had issues but i've been super lucky and haven't had alot of issues... i looked at my STR collection from christmas and grabbed one that i thought would be pretty. it was pretty in the hank, gorgeous once in the ball, and is utterly beautiful in the sock form!

as you can see here. (sorry for the crappy pic, it's been raining here since april 30th i think...)

i've been knitting!

talk to you soon! (hopefully!)

oh, and ps. the baby is doing great, growing alot and starting to get cramped in there. not long to go! GAH!

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beth said...

The socks & sweater look great! Very cute and a lucky little baby.