Wednesday, May 03, 2006

to my sockpal lisa (who made me my socks!!!)

holy smokes! they are here already! (why do the socks for me always show up the day that i send out the socks to my sockee? not that i'm complaining, i'm just saying!)

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! wow! lisa these are gorgeous! and they even fit my swollen feet! (please excuse my pale, swollen, unshaven legs!)

sockapaloooza socks!!!

my sockapaloooza socks are here!!!

those gorgeous socks would be socks that rock in the cobalt bloom colorway. stunning! the yarn on the toes that you may see is left unhidden on purpose. lisa says that she finds grafting a challenge (who doesn't?!?) and just did a 3 needle bindoff on the toes. she left the yarn out incase i wanted to go back and graft them up. ha! i'm lazy and pregnant. i didn't even think of doing a 3 needle bindoff on any of my socks. you have opened a whole new world up to me! :)

and then, she even threw in a little something for anouk!

another bonnet! (did i not say that the kindness of knitters is amazing???). our little one is going to be the cutest baby around with all these handknits for her! thanks so much!

yarn is baby cashmerino in color 340006. isn't is adorable?


lisa writes that my upcoming due date (NEXT MONTH ALREADY!!! june 29th) is the birthdate of her daughter, her sister's daughter, her best friend from high school's daughter and her college roommates child. holy cow! and then fate assigned her with me. that's crazy!

thank you lisa, my socks are gorgeous! they fit well and i love them. the bonnet was a huge surprise and is so cute!

another successful sock exchange for me!

thanks so much alison for putting this together again!!! (and thanks to the tech guys as well!)


noricum said...

Lucky you! Those socks are great, and the bonnet is sweet. :)

aija said...

Beautiful! What a sweet gift as well.

Ruth said...

Lovely! The socks and the bonnet both.

Trina said...

WOW, I Loooooove my socks!!! The colors and pattern are beautiful and they're soft and fit perfect!

Thank you so much for the beautiful socks.

Having been pregnant myself I do have extra appreciation for your effort.