Wednesday, May 03, 2006

to my sockpal (that i made socks for)

hi sockpal!

i sent off your socks today. i am a day late, i'm sorry! i wanted to give them a bath and make sure they were clean before sending them off to you and that did not happen monday night. this little one is sapping all of my energy lately! :) please accept my apologies. but they are off now!

i mentioned this in the package but the yarn is regia cotton tip & top color - color 4081. the ball band claims it is machine washable. yarn content is 41% superwash wool/34% cotton/25% polyamid. the pattern is the ridged feather pattern from sensational knitted socks it's one of the chevron patterns for self striping yarn. it was alot of fun to knit, i have never made a pair of socks before with self striping yarn. i loved seeing the stripes progress as i knitted. thanks!

i was surprised at how fast they went. i am pregnant and started wondering why in the world i volunteered to make another pair of socks when i had a hard enough time staying awake after work! :) however your socks flew by, i was afraid to blog about them because i thought i would jinx myself! had to do a little rip out on the toes, apparently i can't count, but once i fixed that they continued on and i was done! crazy!

seeing as how we were shipping out may 2nd (or 3rd in my case...), i wanted your socks to be summery socks. this is why i didn't do a super long leg, why i chose the lace pattern and why i used a yarn with cotton in it. i hope you like them and you can wear them this summer! please let me know once you get them!

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