Thursday, April 27, 2006

with love from CA

the wonderful and beautiful inky sent us a present for anouk! her first knitterly gifts!

ta da!

what's in this???
a present for anouk!

little bonnets!

they are adorable!
they are so cute!

and the cutest card i have ever seen!
cutest card EVER!

they are utterly gorgeous and so soft! i can't wait for her to wear them!

(inky says they are from last minute gifts and they are knit out of rowan kid classic)


the kindness of other knitters is amazing.


ShelbyD said...

What cute bonnets!

Anonymous said...

i love the pink and brown combo! anouk is going to be trendy! :)


Inky said...

Awww I am so glad you like them and posted a picture. I was so happy to make them and finally get them out to you that I FORGOT to photograph them myself!! Hugs!!