Wednesday, August 02, 2006

i have a blog?

he he he. um, yes cori mommy, you do. at least it's out there, not that you ever post anything.

so then... (don't worry, evie pictures are coming, but i'm going to talk about knitting and stuff first. yes, KNITTING, what this blog is 'about'... at least what i pretend it's about). so here's a bunch of stuff in my head, i've been meaning to post but don't ever seem to get a chance to. i'm just doing it this time and while i don't have the time to put as much time into it as i would like, i'm just getting it out there and giving you guys something to read! so grab your knitting or a beverage and read, this one will be a long one!

-project runway

we LOVE project runway in our house! (actually last week and this week evie was crying the whole time... thank goodness for tivo/DVRs... must be her crabby time of night). anyway, tim gunn is our favorite, my sister loves him, we all love him, project runway is a must watch at our house. vincent is insane, angela... did well today, guess she's ok. laura is... annoying, i don't like her. what else, katy! katy is a hometown minneapolis girl. we were rooting for her, and we're SO BUMMED last week when she was auf'd. :( oh well. we're still watching.


stupid shadow shawl - still working on this... slowly. i'm not knitting alot lately. it's so hot, evie takes up lots of time, plus i'm annoyed with this shawl... but i'm determined to get it done!!! it's beautiful and i love the idea and the colors and the look! i just don't know when it will ever be done...

evie's sweater - is done, other than weaving in the ends. i tried it on her the other day though and it's too small now! it's so freaking hot, we haven't had a chance to wear it anyway. amazingly this doesn't bother me at all. it's cute, it gave me something to knit that wasn't the shadow shawl and it was bigger than she was a few weeks ago. another thing for the memory books/box. now what to make next? :) i'm a little put off on knitting anything for her for a while. i don't want to make a hat/mittens for winter yet as who knows how big she'll be or what color to make it in, etc. so... we're just hanging out in the evie knit world. she's too little for sweaters yet. i'll reevaluate it when it's not 101 degrees outside.

cori's to be sweater - yes, cori, for me! i want to make a sweater for myself. few problems with this. i'm not back to 'myself' yet. and i don't know when i will be, if ever? who knows! but i want something. so it has to be something forgiving. something that covers these massive breastfeeding boobies but that isn't totally useless once they deflate and my tummy goes away (at least as much as it will)... my thoughts are...

i have yarn for a ribby cardi (mission falls 1820 cotton, the original discontinued one, not the new one, though they say they are the same, i have heard that the new yarn isn't the same...). this yarn knits up with a beautiful texture, which is making me second guess using it for my ribby cardi. would this yarn work for the ribby cardi? i'm wondering if i should use a smooth yarn instead...

with that idea i then think, i should make a scoop du jour. i can use my mission falls cotton for that! but ron says that it looks like a boring librarian sweater and i could get one at kohl's for about $20 (ouch) and that it doesn't say 'cool mom' to him. seems frumpy. i think it looks like a classic cardi that i could wear to work or around. he also says that compared to the pretty inticate shawls that i've made, it just doesn't do my talent justice (awww but also, meh). i say, but i don't ever WEAR my shawls, maybe if i make one of these i'll actually WEAR it! fine then, i need a better pattern. well i can't find one! these are my two best... no it's not super fancy but it's a nice simple knit and i can't really start super complicated patterns at the moment. so, what do you guys think? any other suggestions for patterns? meh. i may just start it anyway. (i was also thinking of maybe making it out of some purple cotton ease that i have in my stash...).

but i need to start something soon! i have itchy fingers and i need something to knit while feeding evie. i've burned out my bloglines, i check it every time she's eating which is all the time. come on you people, update your blogs! :) (funny as mine hasn't been updated in weeks... but it's hard! she has to be sleeping. i can read on the net while she's eating or sleeping on me, but typing is alot harder!)

so help me out people, what do you think?

-national breastfeeding week (aug 1-7)

it's national breastfeeding week this week. so get out there and breastfeed or support your local BFing mom! (and no, i'm not slamming any moms that formula feed or trying to make you feel bad if you can't/couldn't BF your baby, etc. i'm just saying)

-breastfeeding cravings!

i drink more gatorade rain (berry flavor!) then i think i have drank of anything else in my life. it just works for me right now. plain water makes me gag. but i need fluids being a BFing mommy. so gatorade rain it is! that and minute maid lemonade. i can drink a half gallon of it a day. yum. unfortunatley we are out of both right now (deperately need to go grocery shopping here!). we went for a walk tonight and walked up to our neighborhood SA (superamerica gas station). i stocked up on a big gatorade rain that should last me the night.

i also have the munchies come 10:00 at night. i want to eat EVERYTHING! as i mentioned we desperately need to go grocery shopping so i have nothing to eat. blah! i don't even know what i'm craving, i just want EVERYTHING.

breastfeeding is like pregnancy but worse. food cravings and aversions like crazy! all i eat is protein and carbs. lots and lots and lots of carbs. love carbs. dairy, ick. i can't even imagine eating dairy right now other than the occasional piece of cheese. fruits and veggies, ick. also, i crave fast food/bad food like crazy. hopefully one day i crave foods that are good for me!

-hotter than freaking hell, literally!

i hate being hot. it's been high 90s and even 101 around these parts (twin cities). meh. needless to say, evie and i haven't been going too far from the air conditioned goodness of home. tonight was gorgeous and ron and i actually got to take her for a walk. it was heavenly! yea!

-going back to work august 28th...

i'm not happy about it, but i'm going back to work. don't get me wrong, i'm not meant to be a SAHM. kudos to you if you are! i'm excited to go back to work, get out of the house, etc. however i am not happy that i'll be away from evie for so long. i'll be leaving home at 7, getting home around 6ish, monday - friday. and that is on days that i'm not working late... :( i wish there was a way that i could work part time, 3 days a week maybe? but it's not a possibility in my current position. blah. i can't stand that i'll be away from her for so much time, i'm going to miss so many things. i guess that's just part of being a working mommy huh? sucks to be us. the one good thing about going back to work is, BUS KNITTING TIME!!! designated knitting time. i miss it! i can't wait!


we're moving! we need to be out of our townhouse by the end of the month (and really, if you just read that i am going back to work the 28th, we actually have to be moved out by the weekend before i go back to work (26th/27th) as we just won't have any time! i tried to take that last week of august off so we could move into our new place and get settled before i go back to work but my work said no go. apparently they are very busy and need me back and can't go another week without me. this makes me feel good on one hand (being needed is a good thing), but annoyed on the other hand as going back to work and leaving evie is going to be stressful enough as it is WITHOUT moving...) where are we moving? oh, we're moving in with my mom. yup... she's watching evie during the day (she does daycare out of her home) and this will make it super easy as we can just leave her there, sleeping in her crib even! (if she is sleeping when we leave...). and also then we can start saving $$$ big time for a house. my mom and ron have been working hard on evie's room. it is SO CUTE. they painted and put up a border. the border is our nursery theme, carter's john lennon real love collection.

cute border!

though i love my mom very much, the thought of us all living there is a little scary... wish us luck! and while you are at it, go on over and give a big CONGRATS to new homeowner inky!they are waiting on a few things but she and her hubby are the proud owners of a cute little place! we're jealous! (but very happy for them!)

-best mommy ever present!

ron got me a best mommy ever present. isn't it gorgeous!!! i love it! thanks honey! best hubby ever!

um, this is mine?

it is being used alot as i am on the internet while evie is eating, marking down her times in her trixie tracker site and just cruising around.


since we're moving, i'm packing up alot of stuff. we will be pretty smashed into my mom's house and are getting rid of ALOT of stuff that we've moved from apartment to apartment yet don't use... i'm also going through my yarn and have decided to give you guys the opportunity to buy some of it! i don't have the time to knit as much as i would like to and it would take me far too long to use all this yarn if i even ever do... so why not let SOMEONE use it!! look for a post very soon with yarn for sale! i have LOTS of koigu looking for a new home!

-lost post!

also coming soon, a lost post from a year ago!!! i drafted a post, and never posted it! see it soon! it's full of felted goodness!

-evie is two months old!

TWO MONTHS OLD! i can't believe it! we went in for her 2 month check up on monday. she got her shots and screamed, but calmed down when i fed her right afterwards. she's up to NINE POUNDS, FIFTEEN OUNCES!!! and 22 inches long! she gained 3 pounds in one month. go evie go! she has an adorable double chin and her little legs have little rolls on them! even her little arms are getting chunky. it's so cute!

-newest favorite pictures

if you are still here and you haven't clicked away in boredom, here are my newest favorite pictures of evie. enjoy!


sleeping with daddy (no flash so it's blurry...)
daddy and evie sleeping

me and my little girl
mommy and evie

sleeping beauty!
sleeping beauty!

a smile! not an 'official' smile as she was sleeping, but still! she was just so cute sleeping and when i went to take the pic, she smiled!
she's smiling!


with her daddy
evie and daddy

she's getting so big! look at those little fat legs!
she's getting so big!


P said...

What a beautiful girl!

keri said...

Aw, Evie is getting so big, wow!

renee said...


I think a quickish and easy knit is just what you need right now.

Inky said...

yay!! updates :)

Evie is looking adorable and I love the dreamy smile picture.

Congrats on the new Apple! I am absolutely envious - I want to go back to the "light" again someday!!

Good luck with all the moving, we can attest to the wonderful/crazy/stress that is living with family, but you can win anyone over with a cute baby, lol.

beth said...

I hope your return to work goes smoothly. Good luck living with your mom....I know I couldn't do it! At least it'll give you a chance to save money and get a house:) I remember how raveous I was while bf'ing...I could eat ANYTHING! Obviously you are doing a good job because Evie is growing....and she's very cute too:)

lyfs said...

i agree with ron that the white sweater looks too old. and it isn't really anything special. i like the ribbi cardi lots better! way new-mom- cute.

Heidi said...

Evie looks great. That smile pic is my favorite too!

I haven't struggled so much with food cravings lately (my baby is now almost four months) but I know what you mean about carbs...all the time. I kind of blame it on breastfeeding, but also on the fact that pushing out that kid really uses up more resources than you can imagine, and you have to build them back up! So what if it takes a few months to do it?! :)

Good luck with the move and the return to work!

edgeazoo said...

I ran across your blog when doing a search for borealis yarns... You have a beautiful baby - what a smile! Yeah for BF (the beauty of it is all those food cravings don't add up on the scale on you, just on Evie - notice how many women on those "before" diet ads have a new baby in their arms) I BF for about 2 yrs each with my two boys.