Thursday, August 03, 2006

sophie fest 2005!

here is that post i told you about yesterday. written almost a year ago (august 10th, 2005) but never posted. i have no idea why i didn't post it... so this was written after my jaw surgery last summer. it's what i worked on while recovering.


everyone can finally see what I have been working on while not at work for the past few weeks. :) SOPHIE! and lots of sophies!

here they all are, all of them.

this is #1, for my sister kristi. cascade 220 in color 9407.

kristi's sophie - pre-felting kristi's sophie - pre-felting!

kristi's sophie - after kristi's sophie - after felting!

kristi with her sophie!
kristi's sophie with kristi!

this is #2, for my mom

mom's sophie - finished!

this is my mom with her sophie!
she likes it!

this is #3, for my SIL wendy

wendy's sophie - before felting wendy's sophie - before felting

this is #4, for ME!

the other side of my sophie - pre-felting my sophie - before felting

it's out of Noro, but I ran out in the end and used some Cascade 220. the pink matched perfectly before felting but after not as much. it's still nice though and I think it looks fine. I LOVE it!
my sophie, pre-felting!

my sophie finished!sophie detail!

this is #5, for my MIL
sue's sophie - before blockingsue's sophie - before blocking
sue's sophie - after felting!sue's sophie  - after felting

MIL with her sophie!
sue and her sophie!


and i did one more, #6, for my SIL amanda. i don't seem to have any pictures of that one at all! ??? it was cascade 220, orange flecked color. she liked it alot!

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Kelly said...

The Sophie bags look great!~