Wednesday, August 23, 2006

a little nip and tuck

wow, almost the end of august already. how? gah!

so much to write, so little time.

evie is doing well. she had surgery last wednesday. don't worry though, all is good.

she had an umbilical hernia that was getting bigger and bigger as she got bigger (and she's getting HUGE!). at her first couple of ped appts her pediatrician told us that we'd watch it over time and that they usually heal on their own. hers was getting larger though and at her 2 month appt she gave us a referral to a pediatric surgeon (which we were expecting as we had been watching it get larger).

we got in to see the surgeon later that week and he agreed that it should be closed surgically. it wasn't particularly urgent, we could have waited a few weeks or months but we decided to do it asap while i was still off work so we didn't have to worry about me needing time off work shortly after i return. we had an impromptu baptism the night before with some of my family (those that were able to attend) and my favorite priest baptized her.

wednesday morning we were off to children's hospital in st. paul. her surgery was actually quite short. from the time that they took her from us to the time that we were told that she was out of recovery and ready to go to her room, was barely an hour and a half. we pretty much had enough time for me to pump (she had been cut off from eating at 5:30 so i was needing some relief), and for ron to get us (my mom was there too) some breakfast and for us to eat it.

the staff at children's is truly amazing. the anestheiologist and the nurse anesthetist carried her in their arms from our preop waiting room. we were told multiple times that they would take very good care of her. they came out and told us that all was going well and that she had been looking around the OR at everything and she went under well. her surgeon came out right away and told us that she did beautifully and everything was perfect. they came back to the waiting room and told us that she was ready to go to her room and that she was waiting in the hall. we went out into the hall and here was a nurse holding a sleepy evie next to an IV pole. (i was expecting her to be in a big metal crib or something, not just being held by a nurse!).

she had to stay overnight just to be observed, so we settled into her room. nana went home soon after, and after i fed evie and she was sleeping i passed her to ron so i could run and get some lunch. once i ate ron passed her back to me in the vinyl recliner and he too left (half day at work). evie slept and i fired up my laptop. it said, none of your trusted wireless networks can be found, would you like to join the network 'lollipop'? oh hell yeah i would! :) i putzed around the net for the rest of the day and night. ron came back after work, and my mom and sister came a little later. evie had slept most of the day but did wake up to play for a little bit. my mom and sister left, and then ron went home. evie slept very well overnight, and the next morning we went home. mommy and evie took a nap while daddy was at work.

she's been healing well, but has been a mommy's girl this past week. tomorrow we get to take off her bandage and see what her incision looks like. (the surgeon said it was a happy face smile under her belly button. yup, he's a pediatric surgeon. :) )

anyway, not much else going on. oh wait, i forgot. we're moving at the end of this week and i start work monday. we sure know how to have fun around here!

i very much don't want to go back to work. i do want to go back of course, but it's more the leaving evie from 7 am until 6 pm part that is getting to me. i may or may not be looking into going back to school to find a job more suited to part time work. not sure what that is yet. quickly trying to figure out what i want to do when i grow up! :) help!


Inky said...

Dang, you don't post often but when you do, lol, it's jam-packed! I am so glad to hear Evie made it thru her first procedure so well :) It's great you have a Children's Hospital near you, they are terrific with the kids, but even better at helping the parents through stressful times.

And as if you haven't enough on your plate - moving (i feel your pain here) and returning to work!! yikes!

You'll make it through - and with flying colors.

beth said...

I hope Evie is healing well and that going back to work won't be too traumatic for you:)

renee said...

So glad everything went well with the surgery - it sounds like you got wonderful care at Children's!

Jessica said...

Sorry to hear that Evie needed surgery, but glad to hear she's doing all right.

Now for the reason I stopped by: I saw this and thought of your blog.