Sunday, August 27, 2006

the screaming evies

isn't that a great band name? we think so. we have our own little screaming evie right here. poor thing.

note to self (and anyone reading) - never move with a 12 week old infant. bad idea. we have our moving check out of our townhouse at 5:00 pm sunday, so we'll be done and moved out. then it's just a matter of figuring out what is in all of our boxes and where all of our stuff is! ugh. i hate moving.

i start work on monday. good times. anyone want to put money on how long i'll last? anyone think i'll make it to friday?

i'm definitely not one of those mommies who is itching to return to work. don't get me wrong, it will be nice to be back, a little. but now that we're living out in the sticks/suburbs, my commute is increasing. instead of a 3 minute drive to the bus stop and then a 25 min bus ride, i'm looking at a good 20 min to the bus stop (!) and then a 40 min bus ride. i'm a tiny bit excited about the bus ride as i see it as dedicated knitting/podcast time, however i'd rather just be home with evie and ron. with my schedule and commute, i'll be leaving home at 7 am, and returning at 6 pm at the very EARLIEST. this is if no one surprises me with a last minute, this has to be done before you leave today and yes it's 10 minutes to 5:00 project... which happens, and far too often. meh. and that, is why i am taking bets on how long i'll be at work. 11 hour days? away from evie? she's growing and changing so much! i'd love to work 9-4. i may have a talk with work about that. i did ask back when i was pregnant but my area has changed so drastically in the past 6 months. it may be doable now... that would be nice.

busy day tomorrow. i should go to bed. more later. and maybe someday soon, some knitting! (the shadow shawl is getting very close to being done!)

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Inky said...

Good luck with it all (to all THREE of you!). So many life changes at one time, you know I can relate - well, not to the baby one, unless you count a cat who always screams and poops as soon as you put him in the carrier, and throughout the entire drive regardless of it's length. But nothing like a baby, lol.

Seriously, good luck, keep breathing.