Monday, August 28, 2006


ta da! something mindless to do on my busride.

everyone is talking about making knitted dishcloths. i hate them. i never use them. but i picked up some yarn at *blech* walmart when we were there getting moving supplies. with the intent to make a dishcloth or two.

it's for my mom. just crappy peaches & creme yarn. pattern here.

it's kinda pretty, no?


went to work today. it wasn't as bad as i thought. although all i did was try to get through my e-mail and pump. we'll see how i feel when i have actual work to do and stress.

i'm tired.

mommy and evie.

tired mommy holding evie

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Stricken madchen said...

How fun to see you on Yarn Harlot's blog! Where was Evie though?