Thursday, September 21, 2006



hi! i'm back! my macbook (yes, my NEW macbook!!!) crapped out (random shutdown syndrome, i.e. it would randomly SHUTOFF!) and i JUST got it back after over 2 weeks without it(!). everyone ready for an update??? ready? GO!

since last time i have gone back to work (meh) and am on the bus for extended amounts of time. it sucks to be commuting for up to 3 hours a day (and this is with no snow or any of that fun stuff). but at least i am knitting most of the time i'm commuting (though i do have to drive 20 min to the bus stop...).

i have finished my shadow shawl. YEA! no pics though, it needs to be blocked first. more about this to come.

i have made my mom 3 dishcloths. nothing fancy. but she likes them.

made myself a hallowig. i had started it almost 2 years ago. i had to start over as i didn't realize at the time that i was twisting my stitches as i knitted...

my hallowig

i was going to make one for evie so she could have some hair, but i am not crazy about mine so that fell off to the side for now. mine came out too big and too long. i could fix it but... meh. so much yarn, so little time. maybe later!

since i didn't have any of my downloaded patterns (on my computer), i started what i could. i finally started evie's pinwheel blanket! it's gorgeous! i LOVE it! it's going very fast. i had 4 skeins of koigu when i started, i'm currently into my third. one more to go! knitting it on size 6 addi turbos.

evie's pinwheel blanket!

it's prettier in real lighting and with a real camera (isight/photobooth pic)

i am so excited to have my computer back!!! i have missed all of you! i have missed my podcasts, brenda dayne, cast on rocks!

oh, and as many of you have seen, last sunday i met the harlot again! this time in eau claire. we left evie at home with nana and i went as far away from evie as i have ever been. i wanted to bring her along, but it was an hour and a half drive, a little too long for her. she kinda doens't like the car too much at all. anyway. the harlot was hilarious and wonderful as always. pics to come.


S. said...

Welcome back to blogland!

You look like Stephanie from Lazytown in the knitted wig. Cute! Sorry to hear about the hellacious commute, that sounds just awful.

Kelly said...

I am glad you computer is back. You just reminded me that I should buy the extended warrenty on my new MacBook.