Tuesday, February 06, 2007

busy busy!

tuesday are my day off. evie and i were busy today. evie didn't sleep well last night so we skipped our yoga bonding class this morning but we were off to my orthodontist appt at 1:50, and after that we went to the yarn cafe.

see, i'm dying to make the so-called scarf but have nothing in my stash that works. i didn't find anything there, it was a bummer. so finally we left but instead of going home, we went to amazing threads. i'm not normally a fan of amazing threads but gave them another chance (i just haven't been happy with my help there in the past). they had both yarns i was interested in that i couldn't find anywhere, malabrigo AND mano del uraguay. party!

i liked the malabrigo alot! it's so soft and pretty. picked up two hanks of it in a color alot like evie's sweater yarn.

while there they had a store sample of this cool scarf. picked up 3 balls of on line linie 194 solo yarn in coloway 08, plum berry. how cool is that scarf??? i can't wait to make it but those instructions are so weird. you actually knit INTO the yarn (which is more ribbon like, not so yarn like) and that is what makes those ruffles. crazy!

i've already started the so called scarf, i just had to figure out those stitches. it's going well, i'm alternating between my two hanks every other row so the color isn't that off. the one hank had more lighter/whitish areas than the other so i didn't want one side light blue and the other side dark blue, hopefully that evens it out. pics to come!


J4 said...

For Malabrigo in the Twin Cities, the best selection is down at Yarnzilla. Awesome shop - it's my favorite in the Twin Cities. I love Needlework Unlimited too, but they don't have much Malabrigo (plenty of Manos). The Yarnery has a good selection of both. Good luck!

Angela said...

I like that ruffle scarf. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Guinifer said...

Oooh - the jacket in the previous post if very cute.

Also - Knit Wit in Chanhassen has a good pile of Malabrigo has well as Yarnzilla. I've got some in my stash that I'm going to make the so-called scarf with as well. Just as soon as I get over my sock obsession long enough to try something else.