Tuesday, February 06, 2007

robin hood jacket goodness

robin hood jacket from adorable knits for tots
lana grossa bingo yarn - color 93

told you i would take some pics!

left front and back done! right front (half done!), sleeves and hood to go.

left front and back done!

back detail

back details

cable goodness

cable goodness

robin hood jacket in progress

hard to get pictures of this color! the last one is closest to real life color. at least on my macbook.

love the pattern so far, it actually makes you think about your knitting. and it's going fast considering that i don't have much knitting time!


Lorraine said...

That is one stunning jacket. Can't wait to see it finished and on your favorite model!

kristi said...

ohhh, very cool. evie will be so cute! (and robot steve in the future!) :)

renee said...

Lovely, lovely cables. That's going to be a gorgeous jacket!

Heidi said...

I have loved that pattern forever! Eventually I'll have to knit one for my kid too, maybe for next year.

You picked a great color. Looking forward to the FO!

jess said...

Looking good! I love the color and that yarn is wonderful for the cables. I'm looking forward to seeing a picture of it all finished!h

Moirae said...

That's going to be great!