Sunday, February 18, 2007

hm... now what???

i have finished knitting the back, both fronts and the sleeves of evie's robin hood jacket. (i finished the sleeves today!)

front, back and sleeves done!

next up is the hood. the directions say, join shoulder seams, and then gives instructions on how to pick up the stitches to start the hood.

my question is, do i block all of my pieces first? block, join the shoulder seams and then start the hood? block it all when it's finished? what should I do?

thanks blog friends!

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renee said...

I like to block before seaming, but I think it's all just personal preference. I like to block the pieces because they're easier to deal with than a finished garment (I like to pin and steam block). It also makes it easier to seam because the edges lay a bit flatter. It's really a lovely sweater!!

I was at MOA today too - didn't see you there though :-(