Sunday, February 18, 2007

vickie likes crepes too!

today we were off to the MOA (mall of america to those not in the 'know') for knit-out. see?

(evie, mommy and tante kristi! oh, and it was towards the end of the day hence all those empty chairs, i swear it was busy!)

tante, mommy and evie at knitout!

it wasn't as amazing as i would have liked it to be. i wore my shadow shawl (err... and didn't get a picture of it yet... doh!) and i think i was one of just a few who had a handknit on! oh well. my sister and i got lots of free swag but once i got home and sorted through it, i wasn't super impressed. lots of crappy, free on the internet so i'm glad you wasted the paper printing and then handing out a billion patterns of the awesome FUN FUR TUBE TOP!?!? and other amazing knit and crochet creations...

all the big yarn names were there, lion brand (passing out free bags that smelled NASTY! (anyone else???)), bernat, pattons, etc. got two orangeish red boa skeins and two light brown/greyish boa skeins... and two crochet hooks. so it wasn't a bust but wow, our recycling bin is full!

i know the idea of the knit out was getting knitting and crocheting out to the masses and it did that, so....

oh, i'm sure you are wondering about the title of my post! i almost forgot!

so i dragged my sister to the MOA when i was 8 months pregnant and found that i LOVE crepes! specifically THESE crepes! YUM! so today after getting our swag, we were off to get crepes. ron was checking out the menu on the wall and i bent down to check on evie in the stroller and when i stood up i saw her. and then did an obvious double take. oops, so much for being graceful. then i turned around and said hi to vickie howell (host of knitty gritty on DIY). she was very nice. :) he he! i didn't want to bother her and we were eating so no pic. sorry. she did say that evie's little outfit was so cute. he he!


April said...

I totally agree about the bag smell. I got one, carried it around for about 5 minutes, and then ended up throwing it in a garbage can because the smell was starting to give me a headache.

Ellen said...

I must have gotten some other bag (Patons?) because mine was great - very large and strong. The free yarn, however, was a bunch of yuck. Perhaps this can go to charitable knitting - if I could think of some charity that would want it. I learned a lot from the folks at the Clover booth - I just wish they were selling things there. Nice picture at the mall!