Tuesday, February 27, 2007

interweave knits - spring 07

what i want to make from IK spring 07 (i'm not going to mention patterns i don't like, just because i'm not into that. happy thoughts!)

pictures here! http://www.interweave.com/knit/interweave_knits/preview/2007_spring.asp

entrelac socks by eunny! love these socks. would i make them... gosh, i'm not sure. maybe. we'll have to see. i LOVE the tutorial though!

ribs and lace tank by jodi - very cool. would need to wait until i wean evie first so i know what size to make...

dollar and a half cardigan - LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! i can't wait to make it. i even love it in that brown. i like the asymetrically design that the pattern is different on the fronts. so cool.

ruffled surplice (front cover) - i love this sweater! love it. i have to admit that i'm not normally into wrap shirts/sweaters on my body. and then ron made a point though that he can't see me in poufy sleeves and i think i agree with him. for some reason i'm still into the sweater though, i'm crazy.

roza's socks - great sock pattern. yea grumperina!

can i just say how incredibly cool it is to see patterns from people who are writing blogs that i have been reading for ages? i LOVE it! congrats guys!

(oh, and those who are having issues with the new setup? i don't have any issues with it. i like that the pictures seem clearer).

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kristi said...

ohhh, i really like those first checkered socks! you can make me those after my sweater! :)