Friday, March 09, 2007

so called done!

finally done with one scarf, yea! once i'm done with the other one i won't be doing a scarf for a long long time. blah.

so called scarf FO!

good shot of the length

good shot of the length

action shot

i like to wear it like this, plus gratutitous evie shot

i like to wear it like this, plus gratutitous evie shot

with the leftover yarn (only used a little bit of the 2nd ball) i decided to make calorimetry from knitty. i think i'm the only person out there who looks utterly ridiculous in it. it looks better on evie than it does on me! :)

my calorimetry

it may look dorky but check out that button, it's super cool!

cute button!

it's already being ripped. blah. at least it was fast.

it looks cuter on her :)


Amy said...

Beautiful scarf! And of course, beautiful Evie!

kristioguhqllg said...

ha! yeah it did look kinda weird. you should have saved it for tante! although, i made my hat, so i should wear that.

kristi said...

hehe, umm that's just supposed to say "kristi". the rest of that was supposed to go into that word verification part....

Lorraine said...

The edges of the scarf looked great. Did you block it or frog and re-knit?

Guinifer said...

It does look pretty adorable on Evie.

eyeleen said...

Beautiful scarf! Evie is such a cutie!